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AOC peddling $58 'Tax the Rich' sweatshirt

FPI / December 4, 2020

Get your AOC merch. Just in the time for the holidays, the official Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez online shop is taking orders.

In the New York Democrat's online store at, you can purchase a “Tax the Rich” sweatshirt — for $58. Which prompted some observers to note that the socialist representative is advertising anti-rich apparel that only rich people can afford.

You can also buy a “Social, Economic & Racial Justice” coffee mug for $27.

Then there’s the “Drink Water & Don’t Be Racist” t-shirt for $27.

The one-stop AOC shop covers all of the socialist bases. Green New Deal t-shirts are $27; an “Abolish ICE” dad hat is $28; a "Medicare for All" sticker is $5.

The “cancel student debt” t-shirt also goes for $27, though one Twitter user noted: “I want one for free, as repayment in part for the student loans I paid off myself.”

And don't forget all the little Bolsheviks: A "Fight for My Future" organic onesie is $25. For your Red Rovers, there's a "Green New Deal" dog collar which goes for $17.

According to the AOC shop: “Purchases are campaign contributions. Thus, in order to make a ‘purchase’ you must consent to the contribution rules below.”

Under the "terms of service" section of the site is the reminder that donors are acknowledging: “I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).” Yes, the champion of illegal immigration and abolishing ICE won’t sell to illegals.

The first question in the FAQ section addresses returns: “We do not accept returns or exchanges.”

There were plenty more who ripped the money grubbing. “Capitalism is great. You can claim you are against it all the time and then make money off of it to your adoring fans,” one tweet said.

Another added: “AOC’s polyester, nylon, & poly-blend merchandise is made from Petro-Chemical products. Thanks for supporting the petroleum industry and voting for Marxist-Democrat politicians who will end your Trump tax cuts while they live in luxury & sell your things!”

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