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Australian anchor will 'write a check to anyone who can decipher what Biden's trying to convey'

by WorldTribune Staff, September 15, 2021

An anchor for Sky News in Australia offered to send a check to viewers who could accurately "decipher" what Joe Biden was saying in a recent interview.

After the clip of Biden concluded, the anchor chimed in: "How is that man dressing himself let alone leading the most powerful nation on Earth."

As for her challenge, some of the responses included:

"He quite clearly wants a boxing match with Robert E Lee in Florida and a rematch in Afghanistan. Send me that cheque."

"He’s saying Trump drained the swamp in Florida and he blames Afghanistan and wants to leave for a pee."

"I think he is trying to say that he wishes he could send Robert E. Lee to Florida to beat up their governor and Corn Pop should pull out of Afghanistan."

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