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Bannon on 2020 election: 'We are not going to stop ... it's all gonna come out'

by WorldTribune Staff, May 10, 2021

Steve Bannon said on his Monday War Room broadcast that it was “not by accident” that the deep state announced it was investigating Rudy Giuliani for “FARA violations just as the investigations into the theft of the 2020 election are about to hit pay dirt."

"This FARA violation is a joke… Remember, they wanted Rudy off the stage focusing on the election fraud.  Remember, Rudy started it in Arizona.  It was Rudy’s 14-hour, Jan Bryant testified there.  Everything we’re seeing came from there.  Remember, David Clements, go back and watch that video.  What did he do?  He went through  Rudy’s affidavits," Bannon said.

Bernie Kerik, "he helped round them up," Bannon added. "And I think there was 2,000 affidavits throughout the country.  What Clements did was review the affidavits and say, 'Hey, I’m a lawyer, at least a third to a half of them are at an evidentiary level you can put them up at any court in the country.'  And, of course, mocked and ridiculed.  They want to take Rudy off the – we’re not going to allow it to happen.  We’re not going to have Rudy off the stage.  Rudy is a major part of this, Justice Department.  Sorry, not sorry. Because Rudy is going to get to the bottom of the illegitimacy of what happened."

Bannon added: "We are not going to stop…  Just remember there is work going on 24-7 throughout the nation.  Whether it’s in New Hampshire, in Michigan, in Wisconsin, in Georgia.  It’s all gonna come out.  Nevada.  President Trump said the other day we gotta get to the bottom of all of it."


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