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Big Pharma, leftist charities race to save flagging Fauci’s nosediving credibility

Special to WorldTribune, October 29, 2021

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer

The fat is in the fire for its reeling foot soldier, so the progressive ruling establishment is calling on its front groups to try to prop him up.

Beagle torturer, AIDS orphan medical experimenter and aborted baby Frankenstein research enthusiast Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, has seen his standing plummet precipitously as Americans learn of the outrages supported by his National Institutes of Health division over the years.

The beagles blowup is a particularly menacing PR nightmare for Fauci. It is going to be a very hard sell to convince Snoopy-loving Americans of the urgent medical need to lock puppy heads in a cage and allow ravenous sand flies to eat their faces off. Nevertheless, they persist.

From an Oct. 28 press release by a group calling itself Americans for Medical Progress (bold added):

This week, a collection of animal rights organizations have promoted highly misleading and even false claims about critical infectious disease research in dogs that benefits both canines and humans...

Efforts by a collection of animal rights organizations this week to mislead the public about critical health research in animals is nothing less than appalling. These groups have essentially accused the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of “medieval torture.” However, as the Washington Post noted, “The only thing being tortured here is the truth.” So many critical facts were missing or purposefully misconstrued by activists, it’s no wonder people are upset.

Yes, The Washington Post was predictably among the first Pavlovian big-box establishment media outlets to leap to puppy persecutor Fauci’s defense. AMP then went on to stress the life-or-death necessity of vaccines. This time for doggies, because why should Big Pharma profits be limited only to humans and other forms of cattle?

The research took place in dogs because much of the work was focused on developing dog vaccines to combat leishmaniasis, a dangerous parasitic disease that threatens both canines and humans. One must logically study dogs in order to develop dog medications. To suggest otherwise is nonsensical.

If the sand flies aren’t allowed to eat the beagles’ faces... we’re all gonna die!

An additional reason why leishmaniasis research occurs in canines is because the disease frequently uses dogs as disease hosts. It then jumps to humans via sand fly bites. This demonstrates again why creating a vaccine for dogs is so critically important.

Despite admitting the use of both beagles and sand flies in the "critically important" experiments, the group denies that the dogs were ever “eaten alive” by the sand flies before concluding:

This reckless and sinister effort to mislead the public was essentially a media stunt. The primary activist group behind it mischaracterized and politicized valuable research because it could be tied to the NIAID, headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci. In short, animal research opponents recognized Dr. Fauci’s highly visible and at times politicized role leading the country’s COVID-19 response would guarantee them extensive news coverage for their cause. They did this despite the real possibility that their actions might disrupt research that benefits animals.

Denouncing an “activist group’s” “media stunt” might be more believable if Americans for Medical Progress wasn’t such a thoroughly astroturfed bogus operation itself.

A casual stroll to the organization’s website reveals its Board of Directors is dominated by Big Pharma executives. AbbVie biopharmaceutical company, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GSK Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer are all well represented. As are several major universities, who of course depend on federal research grants as part of their financial bottom line. It's worth noting that the University of Pittsburgh, which stands out as one of the worst offenders in the barbaric harvesting of fetal body parts for warped human-animal hybrid research purposes, is present on the AMP board.

There is also the Good Guy of the Year tack, and it is dutifully being undertaken by a religious group under the ruling establishment’s sway.

LifeSiteNews reported Oct. 27:

Dr. Anthony Fauci and his wife, Dr. Christine Grady, will receive an award from a Catholic charity for their “significant contributions to the Catholic Church and particularly to America’s men and women religious.”

The couple are to be presented the Saint Katharine Drexel award from the non-profit group Support Our Aging Religious! (SOAR!) in a virtual event on November 5. The award is given to individuals or organizations who have “significant contributions to the Catholic Church and particularly to America’s men and women religious.”

As WorldTribune documented on Oct. 12, Fauci was raised a Roman Catholic but has stated that he has abandoned that faith for the secular religion known as humanism. Fauci was named Humanist of the Year By the American Humanist Association earlier this year.

“My outlook has since evolved to align with the concept of making the world a better place rather than being involved in any organized religion,” Fauci told the group in a video address thanking AHA for the award.

As with the Jesuits who educated Fauci, SOAR appears to be a nest of leftist Catholics with ruling nexus ties. The group has been heavily funded by the progressive globalist Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. In fact, the Foundation just announced that it has bestowed a $3 million grant to SOAR “to build the capacity of under-resourced congregations of women religious to plan for and address the short and long-term needs of elderly sisters.”

Who isn’t in favor of helping elderly nuns? Nobody, of course, which provides great cover for subversive activity.

The Conrad Hilton Foundation is yet another sad example of a philanthropic foundation that was hijacked by progressives and is now far removed from its original stated mission. These cultural leftists have been hamstrung by the specific original mandate of Conrad Hilton that most of the foundation’s money is to go to supporting Catholic education, religious orders, etc.

So they support these left-wing Catholic activists to get around that:

Despite the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s stated mission of supporting Catholic education and nuns, the organization actively bankrolls groups promoting abortion and contraception throughout the world. But perhaps this goes hand in hand with its backing of a leftist social vision that is Catholic in name only. On its website, the foundation states that it helps “Catholic sisters to become recognized as global leaders in sustainable human development.” According to the foundation, Catholic nuns “stand with individuals experiencing oppression, promote peace and advocate for justice.”

Here's a hint at how this works with SOAR. From its 2015 annual awards gala (bold added):

Sister Margaret [McDermott, O.P., executive director of the Tolentine-Zeizer Community Life Center] received the Father Victor Yanitelli, SJ Award. The award is presented annually to a senior religious in the greater New York area for their generous spirit and creative service to the needs of others. A member of the Sisters of St. Dominic, Blauvelt, New York, she is a tireless advocate for children and the elderly, the homeless, immigrants and refugees.

As I noted in 2019 of the Conrad Hilton Foundation:

It’s unsurprising then that this very earthly brand of Catholicism easily allies with the advocates of abortion. The foundation is a longtime donor to PATH, a global health organization. In 2009, PATH was awarded the lucrative Hilton Humanitarian Prize, which came with a $1.5 million bonus. “PATH began in 1977 with the work of three health researchers in Seattle, working from $92,000 of seed money to improve contraceptive technologies in Southeast Asia,” the foundation acknowledges on its website.

This is the progressive Catholic world poised to honor beagle and born- and unborn-baby-abuser Fauci. To understand how completely meaningless the impressive-sounding “Katharine Drexel Award” for "significant contributions" to the Catholic Church in America can be, consider this bit of news from 2014:

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation will receive the Saint Katharine Drexel Award which honors individuals or organizations that have made a significant contribution on a national scale to the Catholic Church and particularly to America’s men and women religious.

Yes, they gave their own sugar daddy a prestigious award.

It’s silly, trite, insular and sad. But moneyed philanthropies, Big Pharma front groups and all the king’s men are not likely to be able to put cracked Anthony Fauci’s battered reputation together again.

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