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Bishop of Tucson checks all the boxes for ruling class: 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours'

Special to, February 29, 2024

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer @Schaeff55

“The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.” – St. Athanasius, Council of Nicea, 325 AD.

That spirited quote can be applied to all those who are elevated to positions of great importance. People who by their duties of high office can either greatly help or cause grievous harm to their fellow human beings.

The sitting Roman Catholic bishop of the archdiocese of Tucson, Arizona is actively working to betray the citizens of the nation he belongs to. Undercover investigative journalist James O’Keefe reported Feb. 8:

O’Keefe Media Group infiltrates SECRET converted illegal immigrant compound CASA ALITAS Ramada Hotel in Tucson.

This secret operation is funded by Catholic Community Services of Tucson and enriches groups like, “Las Palmas.”

O’Keefe detailed how ultra-violent criminals are being welcomed into America by a local Catholic operation that receives lavish federal funding as an NGO working hand-in-glove with the Biden administration to flood America with illegals:

Casa Alitas migrants are brought to the Ramada Inn where breakfast, lunch, hygienic services, and free wifi is offered.

Migrants shared with one of our undercover journalists that NGOs, "Get paid no matter what.”

Our undercover journalist confirms with a migrant that they have seen many gang members come through in caravans. The migrant tells us that Border Patrols suspect gang members but they still let them pass through, “They will ask about gang tattoos but Border Patrol still lets those people in.”

Edward Weisenburger is Bishop of Tucson. All this is happening under his watch and with his enthusiastic approval. That the parishioners in the pews may be horrified does not bother him in the slightest. Catholic watchdog website Complicit Clergy on Feb. 13 posted a reply Weisenburger sent to a concerned Catholic who emailed him “respectfully” requesting that “you immediately and publicly demand for Catholic organizations to cease aiding and abetting migrants who are illegally entering the United States.” Weisenburger wrote back:

I hope I can put your mind at ease by explaining that our Diocese has never, at any time, supported undocumented or “illegal” migrants.

I am very pleased to note, however, that for the last 6-7 years we have helped approximately 360,000 documented and legal immigrants brought to our Catholic Community Services facilities either by United States Border Patrol or INS (immigration and Naturalization Services).

Each of these individuals, without exception, was approved by these government entities and then bussed to our doors.

Such disingenuous sophistry should be unbecoming for a prelate. But in fact it is a central aspect of Weisenburger’s justification of the chaos at the porous southern border that so enriches the coffers of his clerical domain. Illegal aliens are being ushered into the nation’s interior in waves by the Biden administration and immediately handed over to religious NGOs such as Catholic Charities, Jewish organization HIAS and Lutheran and other groups. Billions of dollars are involved.

In an Aug. 17 “Wednesdays With Weisenburger” video clip posted onto YouTube titled “Migrants are made in the Image of Christ,” the bishop uses the total lack of vetting by Biden’s Homeland Security officials as a ruse to deny that the massive human trafficking network he is a branch chief of in Tucson has anything to do with illegal aliens at all: Weisenberger:

I know sometimes people talk about ‘illegal immigrants,’ which is a title I really find offensive, or ‘undocumented,’ which is actually more accurate. But people coming to us are neither illegal nor undocumented, is that not correct?

Teresa Cavendish, his chief operations officer at Catholic Community Services:

“This is correct.... Everybody who crosses our path comes to us either from Border Patrol or Customs and Border Protection at the port of entries or ICE.”

The satisfied bishop adds:

“OK, that all makes sense."

Weisenburger is so fanatical about bringing illegal aliens into the US (again, we must emphasize, at great financial recompense for the Catholic NGOs he is tied in with) that in 2018 he ludicrously called for any Catholics who helped the Trump administration secure the border to be canonically punished. Religion News Services reported at the time:

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops opened its spring meeting this week with a stern reproach of the Trump administration’s latest immigration policies, with the group’s president suggesting the new rules on asylum are a “right to life” issue....

Bishop Edward Weisenburger of Tucson, Ariz., made a bolder suggestion, raising the possibility of implementing canonical penalties for Catholics “who are involved in this,” referring to children being separated from their families at the border. Canonical penalties can range from denial of sacraments to excommunication, though Weisenburger did not specify what he intended beyond referring to sanctions that already exist for “life issues.”

“Canonical penalties are there in place to heal,” Weisenburger said. “And therefore, for the salvation of these people’s souls, maybe it’s time for us to look at canonical penalties.”

The hostility denoted here hints at a much darker side to Weisenburger. It is the mindset of a committed activist. The bishop fully revealed this ugliness with his unconscionable actions during the progressive ruling establishment’s coronavirus social tyranny. “Tucson Bishop Edward Weisenburger has directed his clergy not to grant religious exemptions to community members seeking them for COVID-19 vaccination mandates or mask requirements,” The Arizona Daily Star reported in August 2021.

Shockingly, Weisenburger acknowledged that the experimental gene therapy jabs falsely presented as “vaccines” were created via research involving the harvesting of fetal cells from a murdered baby, and then adamantly supported the government forcing Americans to be injected. From an official message the bishop sent to all Catholics in his diocese. Note the three key words utilized here: the common good:

All current anti-Covid-19 vaccines may be received by the faithful without moral compromise. While many appropriately cite a repugnance at the use of vaccines procured through the cell lines that originate in an aborted fetus, [a] Note cited above clearly outlines the Church’s ancient moral distinction between formal and material cooperation in evil....

While vaccinations in general are a matter of individual decision, in particular instances the moral good of the community is so compelling that it takes precedence over our personal preferences – such as in a pandemic. None of us enjoys the moral freedom to dismiss the common good, as is so common in Western culture. Thus, there may well be a legitimate and compelling moral obligation for one to accept a vaccination, especially if one is in a role that is critical for the wellbeing of others.

Utilizing the ”common good” line as absolutist argument is nothing short of a humanist moral code for a godless society. Scandalously, Bishop Weisenburger deliberately deceived his flock in his vaccine message. Despite indeed making reference to concern for a common good, the Vatican in December 2020 specifically stated that abortion-derived vaccination “must be voluntary.” Yet Weisenburger wrote this:

With this teaching before us – along with the example of our Holy Father, the Successor of St. Peter – I fail to see how a Catholic could ask for an exemption from a vaccine mandate or mask mandate based upon their Catholic faith. I likewise fail to see how a Catholic minister could endorse such an exemption based upon our Catholic faith. While an individual may have some reservation based upon his or her conscience, such a reservation is unrelated to our Catholic faith.

For these reasons I am directing our clergy not to cooperate with any individuals seeking our endorsement of an exemption from vaccine or facemask mandates based specifically upon our Catholic faith.

Weisenburger went even further. He had already shut down public masses during the height of the COVID hysteria. When the jabs were rolled out, the churches themselves were turned into vaccine sites: Space precludes us from documenting much more evidence of Weisenburger’s fealty to the ruling progressive elitist agenda. We’ll add a couple more.

In Jan. 2021, he was one of a handful of US bishops who signed a letter crafted by a radical pro-homosexual organization targeted at vulnerable and confused young children – including transgender kids. "As Catholic bishops in the United States, we join with the Tyler Clementi Foundation in standing up for at-risk LGBT youth in our country,” the letter read.

This is what the bishop is standing with. An organization that supports and promotes the mutilation of innocent children:

In July 2023, Weisenburger penned an op-ed in the Arizona Daily Star in which he used the status of his church office to proclaim that Americans have a “moral duty” to accept the globalist climate change protocol. In November, the bishop was part of a group of Catholic radicals that met with Biden administration officials at the White House to promote the operation.

The Tucson diocese website has a Science & Environment “news topic” section that currently includes a link to a patently ridiculous National Catholic Reporter article titled “Fasting From Carbon For Lent.” This is the embarrassingly low level of theology to be found among credentialed Catholic leftists today:

Today, people in the First World burn much more carbon than those in poor countries. During Lent, we should try to reduce our carbon consumption to the level of poor people. If we do not cut our carbon consumption, we may not go to hell, but our grandchildren will live in a hell we have created.

The betrayal of the elites is universal. It cuts across corporate America, entertainment, politics, academia and more. Depressingly, it is also running amok in our religious institutions as well.

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