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Brother Frank says its so: Latest Biden scandal, like others, compromises U.S. national security

Frank Biden
by WorldTribune Staff, October 10, 2023

A naked selfie of Joe Biden's younger brother Frank "could raise the prospect of blackmail of the First Family – a potential national security threat," a British news report said.

Frank Biden, 69, admitted the photo that was uploaded to the gay porn site in 2018 is of him, reported on Monday.

After more than five years, the photo is still live on the site.

The photo was first unearthed by the nonprofit Marco Polo investigative group, which has compiled on online database of the contents of Hunter Biden's abandoned "laptop from hell."

Such reports impacting U.S. national security is considered newsworthy by the British press and independent U.S. sites such as Other news outlets have deemed them non-newsworthy.

Contacted by the Daily Mail, Frank Biden said: "I've absolutely no comment. I could care less. I haven't even looked at it. They must have hacked my phone."

Guys With iPhones describes itself as "Powered by a love for hot men who appreciate the finer gadgets in life." The site features selfies of naked men. Privacy fine print on the site shows it is owned by gay porn blog

Site metadata on the Frank Biden selfie says it was posted on May 23, 2018 – around the same time Frank's nephew Hunter Biden was also photographing himself naked at the Chateau Marmont hotel. notes that, in Frank Biden's selfie, "he appears to be wearing only a baseball cap and glasses, as he poses in front of a bathroom mirror. A toilet with the seat up can be seen behind him."

Comments on the picture include: "Daddy take me away!," "a hot dilf," and "Make me your b***h, Daddy!"

Frank Biden first married Janine Jaquet, a Delaware journalist, in 1985, and divorced her in the 1990s after having one daughter. He had another daughter with Judy Rodgers, who died last year age 76.

His current partner Mindy Ward has two children with her ex-husband Jonathan, whom she divorced in 2013. Frank Biden has been in a long-term relationship with 50-year-old Ward, a former Hooters waitress-turned-American Airlines flight attendant, since 2010, the report noted, adding that he "has treated her to official events courtesy of Joe, including a dinner held for the state visit of the prime minister of Singapore in August 2016, where the couple were pictured."

Also much like his nephew Hunter, Frank Biden has used the family name to boost his career, "touting his Washington D.C. connections to swing board positions at a Florida education company and other ventures," the report said.

Illinois-based industrial manufacturing firm Federal Signal Corp. hired Frank Biden to help connect the company with Florida lawmakers, the Wall Street Journal reported last month. During a weekly call for the firm, Frank would frequently interrupt to take a call "from the Big Guy," one staffer told the Journal.

In 2020 revealed that Frank Biden had for 20 years dodged a $1 million judgement for the car crash killing of a man in California in 1999 – despite earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A police report of the incident says Frank Biden rented a high-powered Jaguar, and was operating the stick shifter from the passenger seat while his friend drove at 80mph down a 35mph zone of Highway 101 near San Diego. The Jaguar fatally struck 38-year-old single father Michael Albano as he crossed the road.

"Albano's family pursued Frank for years for the money he owed," the report said.

When they wrote to then-Delaware Senator Joe Biden for help in 2008, his aide wrote back claiming Frank "has no assets with which to satisfy the judgment" – despite a string of executive jobs, luxury cars and exotic vacations documented by

Frank Biden only began to repay the family after revealed the scandalous debt-dodging in 2020.

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