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California’s Newsom asked for ‘Innovation coin’ concepts: Here’s what he got

by WorldTribune Staff, April 29, 2024

American Innovation dollars are coins of a United States Mint series which began in 2018 and will run through 2032. Each state gets its own coin to showcase an innovation, innovator or group of innovators.

Gov. Gavin Newsom took to X on Thursday to invite ideas for California coin's design: "Calling all members of the Tortured Coin Designers Department. CA is getting its own $1 coin to honor innovation, slated to be issued in 2026 - and we need your help! What is a CA innovation you'd like to see featured on the coin? Send ideas to:"

In submitting his ideas (two of which are at left) to Newsom for the coin, Jim Stanley, press secretary for California state Assembly Republicans, wrote:

"Under your bold leadership, California has developed a truly unrivaled method of incinerating money. While most people would think it impossible to spend $24 billion on homelessness only to see the problem grow rapidly, you have proved the naysayers wrong. Like a perpetual motion machine operating in reverse, you have seemingly broken the laws of physics to pour an unlimited amount of energy and resources into homelessness programs while producing no results.

"P.S. I don’t think minting a bunch of $1 coins will put much of a dent in the $73 billion deficit you’ve presided over, but you certainly get points for creativity."

Here's more of what Newsom got in response:

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