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Canada under Trudeau is lab rat for U.S. Left’s policies, CCP’s agenda

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets an executive during a visit to a pharmaceutical firm in February 2023.
FPI / March 23, 2023


Canada is a sprawling nation, the second largest by area in the world. It is brimming with educated people and natural resources. It is a technological and economic power.

As such it has long been a prime target for prevailing globalist elites in the United States in what is now a non-confrontational rivalry with the communists in China.

U.S. progressives and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are locked in a race “to quash democracy and take over the world's eighth largest economy,” independent journalist Steve Rodan noted in a March 21 analysis.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has introduced measures and legislation that are pleasing to both, including censorship on the Internet, banning protests, dominating the judicial system and co-opting the media. Under the cover of Covid-19, Trudeau, who leads a minority government, has imposed draconian restrictions, including a travel ban on the unvaccinated as well as neutering parliament.

Trudeau has advanced policies not yet implemented by the Biden administration’s playbook. They include government help for euthanasia, reduction of day care, banning single-use plastic cutlery, plates and bags. Trudeau also has outlawed therapy for gays who want to become heterosexuals while pushing on so-called gender affirming treatments and surgeries.

Trudeau has followed the CCP in regulating the Internet.

“Already, the Canadian media are essentially subsidized by the government and serve as a cheerleader for its policies. Radio Canada has been subject to regulations on its content,” Rodan wrote.

Trudeau's latest target is social media. This year, Canadian parliament completed passage of legislation to regulate the Internet and sanction its providers. Under the banner of diversity and Canadian content, the government will be allowed to censor anything it deems extremist or racist as well as force companies and streaming platforms to pay to the Canadian Media Fund.

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