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Cavuto in shock as UAW president says majority of union’s members 'gonna vote for their paychecks'

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News January 26, 2024

Notorious anti-Trump Fox News host Neil Cavuto appeared stunned on Wednesday as United Auto Workers (AUW) president Shawn Fain acknowledged that most of the union’s members will vote for Donald Trump.

"Let me be clear about this," Fain told Cavuto. "A great majority of our members will not vote for President Biden. Yes, some will, but that's the reality of this. The majority of our members are gonna vote for their paychecks, they're gonna vote for an economy that works for them."

Earlier on Wednesday, the UAW announced that it was endorsing Biden, but Fain admitted that the union members were not falling in line with its leaders.

Revolver News noted: “There was a time when Democrats, not Republicans, were seen as the working class’s champions, standing up against corporate America and fighting for the little guy. Heck, that schpeel was the cornerstone of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren’s messages for years. But ever since Trump made his memorable entrance down the escalator, the political landscape has shifted dramatically. He’s branded himself as a president for the people, not billionaires. Contrast that with Biden and his team, who now seem to be the faces of corporate America. It’s a complete role reversal, something unimaginable for a typical ‘insider’ candidate. Trump has certainly upset the status quo, and the rapid changes are a result of that. No wonder there’s such a frantic push to get rid of him. Again.”

Earlier in the interview on Wednesday, Cavuto asked Fain about a major challenge to the auto industry as it pertains to Biden’s obsession with pushing electric vehicles onto the market.

“You know far better than I, that [Biden] has been a big proponent for EV, electric vehicles, many automakers have said this is sort of been the bane of their existence that the market just isn't there to support what they call the heavy hand of government to force the issue,” Cavuto said.

Cavuto referenced struggles at Tesla as an example. “Tesla's shares are falling after the car maker forecast slower growth because of weak–EV sales or weaker than expected. Do you think that's a problem for the automakers? You scored this historic and very generous labor package for your members. It's imperiled by this industry push for EVs.”

Fain's answer, observers say, sounded more like a public relations push from the Biden White House press office:

“Look, we have to have an environment where we can all live and we can breathe clean air and have clean water. The UAW has always led the way on environmental concerns going back to our founding and wherever the industry goes, we’re gonna be a part of it. Our workers are gonna be part of it. We’re gonna fight for those jobs and we're going to fight for it to be a just transition where it pays good wages, good benefits so that people can afford to live off that job.”

Media Research Center's Tom Olohan noted: "It is unclear how good wages and good benefits will be maintained in an environment where the Biden Administration mandates automakers sell 50% electric vehicles to a public that clearly doesn’t want them."

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