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Columnist: Major media got its way, 'deserve only contempt, no respect'

Joe Biden's catastrophe after catastrophe was not possible without 'the unquestioning help of our anti-American media.'
by WorldTribune Staff, August 18, 2021

The corporate media so despised President Donald Trump "because he wasn't one of their imagined exalted elite," that they "lied, cheated, and stole an election in order to put the dementia-ridden Joe Biden in the Oval Office," a columnist noted.

In seven months, Biden "has pretty much destroyed America," and the media bears much of the responsibility for that, Patricia McCarthy wrote for American Thinker of Aug. 16.

Team Biden's open border policies have "welcomed what will be a million migrants from around the world by the end of the year, many of them sick with a panoply of diseases long ago eradicated in America, and bringing in new variants of Covid," McCarthy noted. "While Americans are ordered to mask up and be vaxxed, these people arriving at our southern border, welcomed by the Biden regime that has tied the hands of ICE and the Border Patrol, are mask- and vax-free."

Team Biden and his Democrat allies in Congress have no intention of screening, testing, masking, or vaxing the thousands of migrants being "allowed to roam about the country," McCarthy added. "How's that for hypocrisy? Biden is purposefully altering the demographics of the U.S. with the single-minded goal of making the Democrat Party the ruling party in perpetuity. He and his partners in crime care not a bit about the American people. They care only about cementing their control over the 330 million citizens who call this nation our home."

The media's chosen one in D.C. has also "caused massive inflation — by killing the Keystone pipeline and letting Russia have its own," McCarthy noted. "The Nord Stream 2, which Trump had opposed with sanctions, will enrich Putin's Russia for decades to come. It will also drive Germany toward Russia as, having nuked their own perfectly logical nuclear power industry, they need the oil and natural gas, which we could have sold to them. Shamefully, Biden is now begging OPEC to pump more oil. Just eight months ago, the U.S. was energy independent."

The worst failure of all, so far, is Biden's "wholesale betrayal of every family who sent one of their own to fight in Afghanistan," McCarthy wrote.

Biden "has sacrificed Afghanistan to the Taliban; he's sacrificed to them the women and girls who will find themselves back in the seventh century. Biden did this with the malfeasance millions of us knew from him, as the man Robert Gates said has 'been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,' " McCarthy noted.

How could all of this happen in just seven months?

"Thank the disgraceful media that so hated President Trump, that they actually promoted and defended the man who will go down in history as the most incompetent, the most destructive U.S. president," McCarthy wrote.

Instead of vetting Biden, the media "covered for him," McCarthy added. "They covered up his lifetime of sexual harassment of women and young girls. They covered up for his racism, his plagiarism, his lies about his own background. They covered for his criminally corrupt son, Hunter. They covered up his obvious dementia. They covered up for his lifetime of corruption."

Biden's catastrophe after catastrophe was not possible, McCarthy noted, without "the unquestioning help of our anti-American media. They may soon find themselves on the funeral pyre of totalitarianism. Can't we just see Joy Reid and Jim Acosta screaming as they are hauled off to the camps? 'But we loved you, we supported you, we protected you.' Tell it to the Nazi collaborators."

And, still, "there are millions today who believe what they hear on CNN and MSNBC, no matter how egregious or guilty of omission their reporting is," McCarthy added.

"Those who pontificate on those outlets, as well as the three networks, are propagandists of the worst kind; they consider themselves worthy of deciding the news to which we can and cannot be exposed. They deserve only contempt, no respect."

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