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Conservative truck driver, who spent $153 on campaign, upsets NJ Democrat senate leader

Edward Durr
by WorldTribune Staff, November 3, 2021

Edward Durr, a conservative truck driver who admits he is "as blue-collar as you're ever going to find," has pulled off one of the biggest upsets in New Jersey political history.

Republican Durr defeated Democrat Steve Sweeney, the longest-running state Senate president.

Sweeney has been the state senate’s leader since 2010.

Durr said he entered the race after being denied a concealed carry permit despite having a clean record.

State campaign finance records show Durr spent only $153.31 on his campaign: $66.64 at Dunkin to buy food and drinks for staff, and $86.67 for paper flyers and business cards.

"The funny thing is, whenever I went around door-to-door, the first words out of everybody's mouth was ‘Good luck,’ " said Durr.

"I'm not against lawyers or doctors or business people but that's not what we need, we need people who understand the adverse effects of what's going on in this state," Durr said.

Durr promises lower property taxes and the creation of a “friendly business environment.”

NBC10 reported that it reached out to Durr by phone but did not immediately receive a response. However, his mother shared that she prayed "every day that he wins."

"Not everybody has to have a lot of money to run. All they have to do is have a heart for the people, and he’s got a heart for the working people," Gloria Durr said.

Sweeney is the longest-tenured Senate president in New Jersey history. He was expected to serve a seventh term in the position before launching a possible bid for governor in 2025.

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