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Covid truth bomb from an Australian senator: 'The vaccinated are dying .... It should be front page news'

by WorldTribune Staff, March 26, 2023

Sen. Ralph Babet said in an address to parliament on Thursday that the Australian people were duped into believing that the mRNA injections would protect them from Covid. But now, Babet said, the data is showing that the vaccinated population is actually more vulnerable to the virus than the unvaccinated.

“The Australian people were initially told that mRNA injections would stop them getting infected with Covid, would stop them spreading it, and most importantly would stop them dying from it,” Babet said.

“We were told that we were selfish if we were not willing to be vaccinated and that we could kill grandma or kill grandpa. Around 97.5% of Australians over 16 followed the government advice and have had at least one dose of mRNA injection, yet the only data that accurately identifies the vaccination status of those who got Covid showed quite clearly that the vaccinated are more likely to be infected, hospitalized, and die of Covid.”

Babet added: “The fact that Australia is now experiencing its highest mortality rate in over 80 years, must be a cause for concern and it must be a priority for everyone in this place. It should be front page news.”

Meanwhile, Raelene Gotze, the mother of a healthy 23-year-old who died after her second mRNA injection, is suing the Australian government for mandating the shot that she says likely killed her daughter.

Caitlin Gotze worked for Hatch Racing, a race horse operation in the Glenvale.

Gotze received her first Pfizer injection on or around Sept. 7, according to her mother. Raelene said Caitlin fell “really ill” after the shot, to the point that she was bedridden for a week. Caitlin returned to work the following week, putting in 60 hours to make up for the lost time. Caitlin received the second Pfizer injection on Sept. 28.

On Nov. 17, Caitlin had an alleged asthma attack while at work. She went to her car to retrieve her inhalers. Her co-workers got worried when she didn’t return to the stables after several minutes. They went to check on her and found her unresponsive in her car. Co-workers performed CPR until paramedics arrived. But it was too late, Caitlin passed away that day.

Raelene Gotze said she is not fully convinced that an asthma attack killed her daughter. “I am seriously wondering if the Pfizer vaccine stopped her heart,” she said, adding that preliminary findings indicated “no typical asthma presentation.”



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