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Culturally leftist partisan law enforcement is happening in America right now

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

Special to, October 3, 2022

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

A dangerous normalization process is taking part in American society.

Partisan law enforcement is happening in Michigan today in the name of progressive social justice.

Is there any reason to believe it will stop there?

Isn't anybody the least bit disturbed by this?

From An Aug. 1 release from the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office:

Alanna Maguire, president of the non-profit Fair Michigan Foundation, today announced the appointment of Kam Towns as the new Special Prosecutor of the Fair Michigan Justice Project. "Ms. Towns recently retired from a brilliant, 30-year career in the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office," said Maguire. "She has the perfect combination of experience, empathy, and determination to handle our Justice Project prosecutions. We are so fortunate that she is committed and available to do this vital work."

Maguire is the lesbian "wife" of radical state Attorney General Dana Nessel. Justice Project prosecutions are meant to place a special emphasis on crimes committed against a particular segment of the community:

Begun in 2016, the Justice Project is a collaboration between Fair Michigan and prosecutor's offices in Wayne, Ingham, Washtenaw, and Oakland counties. Fair Michigan provides a Special Investigator, a Victim's Advocate, and a Special Prosecutor to investigate and prosecute serious bias crimes committed against members of the LGBTQ community, including murder, sexual and felonious assault, robbery, and extortion.

So what we have here is a county prosecutor with a special attachment to an agenda that a great number of law-abiding citizens oppose:

Now consider what else Fair Michigan is a part of. A drag queen group called Boylesque Drag that performs for children at “all ages” shows hosted a fundraiser for the organization last year. The group in action:

These are the people who have local government prosecutors working with them. At the :30 mark, a young child can be seen sitting a few feet away as a sexually inappropriate degenerate dances provocatively:

If you happen to fall under the jurisdiction of this special prosecutorial office, don't expect to be cut any slack. Maguire, "spouse" of the state attorney general, has spookily hailed a 100 percent conviction rate (they were haters every time!) for something deemed to be an especially heinous crime:

Alanna Maguire, the president of the Fair Michigan Foundation, said hate crimes against LGBTQ+ people are rising....

Maguire, her wife Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy started the Fair Michigan program in 2016 when six murders of transgender women were unsolved....

Forming a specialized unit, with a special prosecutor and investigator and victim advocate dedicated to solving crimes against the LGBTQ community, would prove to be invaluable. It has a 100% conviction rate in more than 30 cases against this vulnerable population.

"I think it's so important to have that vertical prosecution and that nexus with the community where you have a select individual where it's their job all day every day to engage with the community," Nessel said.

And how's this for a slippery slope? Hate is such a uniquely horrible thing that preventive prosecution is required to combat it. The Detroit News in 2019 reported on Nessel’s hate crime law enforcement efforts:

Michigan’s ethnic intimidation law of 1988 makes it a two-year felony to intimidate or harass people because of their race, color, religion, gender or national origin through physical contact, property damage or threats.

Prosecutors often use the statute to seek longer sentences for individuals who also committed other lower-level crimes, Nessel said, telling lawmakers that keeping hate crime offenders under court supervision for a longer period can help prevent more serious violations.

“What we call it in the business is basically murder prevention,” said Nessel, a former assistant prosecutor in Wayne County.

Keep in mind that this is the same Nessel who earlier this year labeled Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton a "walking hate crime" because he called mentally disturbed male Rachel Levine a man. The bar on defining hate crimes is apparently frighteningly low.

A recent case highlights the attempt to make homosexual victims of crime more important than citizens who do not have a progressive identifier working for them. In June, Fox59 in Indianapolis reported on a former resident who robbed men he met on a homosexual dating app in Dearborn, Michigan and was targeted for special prosecution by the Justice Project. This case was about a murderous criminal after money. Harsh punishment was certainly in order. But the special homosexual prosecutor makes it appear that committing crimes of opportunity against homosexuals is somehow worse than if the perpetrator had targeted other citizens:

Diabolique Paris Johnson, 35, pleaded guilty on Monday afternoon and faces between 25 to 45 years in prison for second-degree murder. He will also serve two years consecutively for a firearm charge along with pleading guilty to armed robbery and facing between 15 to 30 years that will be served concurrent to his murder sentence....

According to court records, Johnson targeted members of the LGBTQ community on online dating apps. On Sept 1, 2020, Johnson allegedly lured a 26-year-old Detroit man to a hotel in Dearborn, Michigan, where he robbed him at gunpoint.

Four days later, Johnson lured a 39-year-old Detroit man to a meeting spot and murdered the victim during an armed robbery.

Both victims were members of the LGBTQ community.

“It is troubling that the perpetrator of these vicious acts apparently used online dating apps to locate and target his victims,” said Fair Michigan President Alanna Maguire. “Michigan’s LGBTQ communities know that the Fair Michigan Justice Project, along with Michigan’s county prosecutors and law enforcement officials, stand ready to aggressively investigate and prosecute these brutal crimes.”

This is the first case in Michigan that represents a joint undertaking between Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Hate Crimes Unit and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, the attorney general’s office said in a release.

Nessel made a special appearance as the charges were filed in March 2021:

Cultural Marxists have gone from “we just want to be treated the same as everyone else” to preferential partisan law enforcement in less than 60 years. The implications for the immediate future do not bode well.

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