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Dark obsession: Zelensky picks ruling elites’ ‘artist’ to 'help the children' in Ukraine

Marina Abramovic

Special to, September 25, 2023

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

The spiritual darkness of the globalist progressive ruling establishment becomes more readily apparent with each passing day.

One does not have to be religious to conclude that the people who in recent years have defended the harvesting of aborted baby body parts for “medical research,” promote the unspeakable evil of child transgenderism, are enthusiastically carrying out a euthanasia program in Western nations that in the largest province of Canada comes with mandatory organ-donation pressuring, have kept America at war or on the brink of it for more than 30 years running, and shut down the world in order to coerce once-free citizens into being injected with a Big Pharma experimental gene therapy product misleadingly termed a “vaccine” have aligned themselves with sinister spiritual forces in service to a frightening agenda. And so what does it mean that the self-appointed defenders of an ill-defined “democracy” have tabbed a “performance artist” described as a “sorceress” and “shaman” by admiring dominant media outlets and who has dabbled in Satanic imagery throughout her career to be an ambassador for children in war-torn Ukraine?

UK newspaper The Telegraph reported Sept. 22:

[President] Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Marina Abramovic, the performance artist, to be an ambassador for Ukraine.

‌“I have been invited by Zelensky to be an ambassador of Ukraine, to help the children affected by rebuilding schools and such,” Abramovic said. Our ruling elites’ enduring fascination with Abramovic’s dark “art” and occult spirituality in general has never been satisfactorily explained.

Abramovic became something of an embarrassment to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential aspirations when the infamous Podesta Files WikiLeaks email hack revealed that campaign manager John Podesta was attending bizarre “Spirit Cooking” dinners hosted by the controversial Serb. Yet Podesta is hardly a fringe outlier in the circles of power in which he inhabits.

Once obscure, Abramovic has been a celebrated figure in the dominant cultural landscape for at least 10 years now. Why is that? As The Telegraph noted, a major exhibition of her work is currently being held by the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Go to this prestigious institution’s website listing on the exhibit, and the first thing that greets you is a picture of Abramovic hovering in mid-air as if she were possessed by demons.

The big-box media campaign to promote her occult sensibilities has been persistent and multi-national in scope. “Nudity, blood and pain: Revisiting Marina Abramovic's work,” is the headline to a gushing profile on the Royal Academy of Arts exhibit published by German magazine giant Deutsche Welle. “The Serbian artist has been accused of trying to evolve from artist to shaman, though she has also suffered much worse throughout a provocative career,” DW writes, apparently seeking to dismiss such characterization. Yet other journo-fans openly embrace it. “The terms Abramovic uses of her work are utter presence, meditation, a kind of channeled shamanism to engulf the whole room,” UK newspaper The Guardian’s Zoe Williams wrote in 2014." Williams gloried in the spiritual significance of an Abramovic event:

Inside, I am mainly struck by what a religious experience it is; I am as sure as I've ever been of anything that this would have been what it was like in the earliest days of Christian mysticism. One charismatic, 20 or 30 devoted disciples; maybe 100 people who are ready, respectfully silent, waiting to be convinced; a few sceptics, there on purpose to ruin things; some people who are perhaps there by accident.

“Marina Abramovic, the sorceress who creates art out of thin air,” CNN declared in a headline to a 2014 feature article. That year seems to have been especially important in the rise of Abramovic. A 2014 BBC feature article bemoaned a perceived mellowing as she hit the mainstream:

[Her recent] shows lack the startling drama of her earlier performances, including one in which she systematically stabbed her hand with knives.

In another, she whipped herself, before cutting a five-point star in her stomach with a razor blade and lying on a cross made of ice.

Once, she nearly died after lying in the middle of a burning cross made of petrol-soaked sawdust. On another occasion, she allowed an audience member to hold a loaded gun to her head.

Are you beginning to sense a party line here?

How about a sunny, friendly 2014 television segment on, of all things, CBS News’s Sunday Morning program? The feature includes CBS host Serena Altschul hugging a tree with Abramovic. Because that’s what you expect to see on major network daytime television as you first wake up on a Sunday.

A New York Times’ website search comes up with a whopping 110 items that mention Abramovic dating as far back as 2002, with more than 50 articles being focused on her. Isn’t that a bit strange?

In 2020 Microsoft, the Big Tech colossus co-founded by progressive globalist billionaire Bill Gates, released and then deleted a virtual reality advertisement featuring Abramovic after the blowback from outraged Americans became too much to bear. And now here she is as a children’s ambassador for Zelensky’s Ukrainian government. Perhaps this would be a good time to mention what we wrote about Melinda Gates and Chelsea Clinton in May 2020:

A growing number of Americans are observing that public sightings of notable figures dabbling in alleged occult symbolism have been more pronounced of late. Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates, was interviewed by NBC’s “TODAY” show on May 8 wearing a necklace that looks to all the world like an inverted cross. One month earlier, Microsoft, the company that made Bill Gates one of the richest men on Earth, was forced to pull a mystical-themed new ad that featured “spirit-cooking” occultist Marina Abramovic after receiving heavy criticism.

Chelsea Clinton has also been accused of donning inverted-cross jewelry and even went so far as to tweet out a denial in 2018. Establishment “fact-checker” site Snopes went along with her in dismissing the accusations as false.

Clinton said pictures of her had been “distorted” and referred to her necklace as a “Greek Cross” while Snopes made reference to a “St. Peter’s Cross” as being an actual sign of Christian devotion. Peter asked to be crucified upside down when he was killed as he did not believe he was worthy to die in the same manner as Christ.

Such a medallion would seem unusually reverent, especially when worn by abortion clinic directors:

Curiously, the Center for Medical Progress, the pro-life organization that conducted a devastating undercover video expose of Planned Parenthood’s efforts to sell aborted baby parts for profit in 2015, this week released video of PP officials testifying under oath in the legal case brought against CMP. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast abortion clinic director Tram Nguyen can be seen wearing what clearly resembles this same inverted cross as she gives her testimony.

The overwhelming majority of Christians in America do not wear, and most are likely not even familiar with, the St. Peter’s Cross. Are we to believe that this front-line abortion exec just so happens to share this same rare display of exotic Christian reverence with Melinda Gates and Chelsea Clinton? At what point does it stop being a coincidence?

Go figure, the champions of war and death in the West today have an affinity for dark occult forces. Americans are deluding themselves if they believe this spiritual malevolence will not be turned on them. The signs all around us show that it is already happening.

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