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Democrat in high stakes Virginia race takes campaign fundraising to a whole new level

Susanna Gibson
Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, September 14, 2023

Rounding third base has apparently taken on new meaning in Democrat Party politics.

Susanna Gibson, a 40-year-old Democrat candidate for a Virginia House of Delegates seat, and her husband performed sex acts for money on a pornographic website, according to reports.

Gibson, a nurse practitioner, moonlighted as an adult performer on, The Washington Post and Associated Press reported on Monday. Gibson and her husband performed under the username HotWifeExperience since at least May 2022, soliciting payments on publicly live-streamed videos so that users could "watch me pee" or engage in anal sex.

The Democrat candidate continued performing on Chaturbate through at least September of last year, according to the website. That is one month after she announced her campaign for the Virginia House of Delegates.

Gibson is seeking the seat in the 57th District and is currently running against Republican David Owen, a retiree and former homebuilder.

The district is seen as one of few toss-ups in November’s election, in which all 100 seats in the House of Delegates and all 40 seats in the Virginia Senate will be on the ballot. Republicans control the House of Delegates but only by a slim margin.

In 2021 Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin won the district, which encompasses a suburban area just outside Richmond, by about 3 points. Then, in last year’s congressional midterm election, voters went for Democrats by just 0.9 points.

In order to solicit more "tips" from viewers, Gibson on several occasions mentioned the "good cause" for which she was raising money. Chaturbate users may "tip" performers with "tokens," which cost $.10 to purchase. Half of all token proceeds are given to the performer.

During one session on Sept. 4, 2022, Gibson said she would let her husband "f--- me in the a-- doggy style in a private room if someone wants to pay."

"Yeah, you can watch me pee. Let me block a few people and then y'all can watch me pee if you tip me and some tokens, again I'm raising money for a good cause," she said during another Chaturbate session the following day.

In another Chaturbate session, Gibson said she and her husband are "ethically non monogamous." On the evening of Sept. 5, 2022, she said she already had sex with two other men.

In May, Gibson received the "Family Friendly Seal of Approval" from the leftist Family Friendly Virginia.

The New York Times had this take on the Gibson story: “State House Candidate in Virginia Condemns Leak of Sex Tapes”.

"Sex tapes"? Someone forgot to tell the NY Times writer that this is not 1996 and Susanna Gibson is not Pam Anderson.

Breitbart's John Nolte noted of the Times piece: "It is a blatant and deliberate lie hoping to make Gibson look like a victim. There was no 'leak,' and there was no 'sex tape.' "

"Let me just say that even though I grew up on HBO, I am still shocked by how depraved people can become. This pig and her pig of a husband are parents. Nevertheless, they not only performed hardcore porn online, where everything is forever, but they also did it while she was eager to become a public political figure. No decent parent risks their kid coming across something like this," Nolte added.

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