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Drive covid tyrants from public office: Columnist

FPI / December 7, 2020

Leftist political leaders nationwide continue to impose draconian covid lockdown orders while shoving their love for the elite lifestyle in their suffering constituents' faces.

"When Democrats get caught with their masks down, they don’t pull them up in shame and vow, red-faced and subdued-toned, to never again hold themselves above the people they govern, as if some sort of superior class of human being," columnist Cheryl K. Chumley wrote for The Washington Times on Dec. 5.

"They silently curse the people they govern for daring to call out their hypocrisies. Then they merrily double down on regulation for thee, freedom for me policies and orders."

While he was canceling Thanksgiving for everyone else, California Gov. Gavin Newsom partied and laughed it up with lobbyist friends inside a high-end restaurant.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo "was just outed for planning a family Thanksgiving get-together that included his elderly mom — all the while he was demanding New Yorkers stay home for Thanksgiving and avoid the travel," Chumley noted. "His equally hypocritical brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, has been caught breaking COVID-19 social distancing dictates on numerous occasions — all the while taking to national TV and telling the rest of us to social distance, stay safe, and for goodness sake, keep others safe, as well."

Denver’s Democrat Mayor Michael Hancock ordered citizens to stay home for the holidays. Then he hopped on a plane bound for Mississippi.

Austin’s Democrat Mayor Steve Adler ordered citizens to stay home. He did it on video from Cabo, after flying to Mexico.

While California's salons were closed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received a private hair treatment at a San Francisco establishment, then claimed she was "set up" after being called out for breaking covid rules.

"Time after time after time, our nation’s public servants are ordering we the peon people to do what they themselves refuse to do," Chumley wrote. "And they’re doing it for two reasons: First, because they’re arrogant elitists who’ve completely forgotten who signs their paychecks — the citizens. And second, because they don’t believe in the so-called science they’re trying to sell, either."

Chumley added: "It’s high time to grab the pitchforks and drive these scourges right out of office. They won’t learn humble service. It’s not in their DNA. They can only be stopped by being tossed."

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