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Editor blames foreign policy establishment for looming WWIII; Trump slams Biden speech

In his address to the nation on Thursday, Joe Biden 'presented no strategy in his rambling speech and asked for a blank check for two world wars.'
Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, October 22, 2023

In an address to the nation allegedly aimed at easing tensions in the suddenly volatile Middle East that could lead to a world war, Joe Biden urged Congress to dip into U.S. taxpayer coffers to the tune of $105 billion. Of that, $61 billion will go to Ukraine. Israel, Taiwan, and U.S. border enforcement will fight over the scraps.

The public should not expect an accounting for how the money is actually spent.

Criticism came immediately although muted in the corporate media and focused on the difference in the Washington's foreign policy establishment's track record and that of the less expensive (in terms of taxpayers' money) policy team headed by former President Donald Trump.

“Hamas and [Vladimir] Putin represent different threats, but they share this in common: they both want to completely annihilate a neighboring democracy,” Biden said from the White House. “History has taught us that when terrorists don’t pay a price for their terror, when dictatorships don’t pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos and death and more destruction. We cannot and will not let terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin win — I refuse to let that happen.”

In response, former President Donald Trump’s campaign released a video featuring the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and highlighting the recent attack in Israel. It finished with a headline: “Joe Biden. Foolish. Incompetent. Weak.”

Biden "presented no strategy in his rambling speech and asked for a blank check for two world wars," Human Events editor Jack Posobiec noted.

He went on to outline the ramifications of the Washington, D.C. foreign policy establishment prevailing over Trump's interruption of the status quo as seen in current events and the Biden speech.

"Notice Biden says Hamas and Russia are 'undermining democracy' and this is the same exact line he uses for Trump supporters. That is not an accident. Biden said what Hamas did is the same as what Putin is doing in Ukraine. Total moral equivalency."

Former President Donald Trump said in a Truth Social post in reaction to Biden's address: "As I successfully fight these Political Opponent Lawsuits, all created and started by Crooked Joe Biden and his group of Radical Left Thugs, I realize how insignificant they are compared to the horror of what is going on with Israel and the Middle East, where thousands of people have so needlessly died, in a war that should have NEVER STARTED, and millions could very easily follow, all due to the highly incompetent Biden Administration and their policies of Weakness and Appeasement (and of being just plain STUPID!). This is true also with Ukraine/Russia, which would NEVER HAVE STARTED under the Trump Administration, and many other “hot spots” around the globe that could easily lead to big problems and death. Even INFLATION, a killer in its own right, would not have happened. So let them keep suing me over BULLSHIT, in their hope of Election Interference, as our Country becomes disabled and dies. We will successfully fight it all, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE!"

Trump spokesman Liz Harrington noted: “As America stumbles ever closer to World War III, Joe Biden is Neville Chamberlain trying to pose as Winston Churchill. He is an arsonist promising to rescue us from the world he set on fire...”

The U.S. foreign policy approach, "except for the brief interregnum of sanity under President Trump," Posobiec wrote, "essentially amounts to dropping bombs on anyone who dissents from globalist neoliberal social norms, snapping selfies with the locals, heightening regional tensions (and prolonging conflict), and then running off to D.C. to pat ourselves on the back for showing 'global leadership.' Oh, and we must never, ever normalize relations with Russia, either because (according to Republicans) they’re still commies at heart, or because (according to Democrats) they’re too mean to their LGBTQIAOMGWTFBBQ+ population."

This version of “global leadership” has "spread the U.S. so thin that it’s practically an open secret that once we enter a war, we either never stop (Iraq) or quit after losing embarrassingly (Afghanistan)," Posobiec added. "Meanwhile, as we waste blood and treasure in every single conflict that triggers a staffer in the State Department, our enemies are growing closer together."

The BRICS group (a sort of reverse NATO comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) has become "more appealing to non-Western countries by the day," Posobiec wrote. "Where a NATO membership for Russia could have made the U.S. and Russia isolate China, just as China and the U.S. isolated the Soviet Union, now the U.S. is the one being isolated by an increasingly unbreakable Russo-Chinese alliance. An alliance, by the way, that we helped create due to our actions in Ukraine, and which is now only strengthening another of Russia’s most dangerous allies, Iran. And no, they’re not just dangerous because of Israel, though make no mistake, Iran is funding attacks on Israel with money we paid it in a prisoner exchange. But no; Iran is also arming Russia. Even the Washington Post admits it. The kamikaze drones that Russia uses in its Ukraine offensive are of Iranian make."

Posobiec concluded: "All the while, apologists for neoconservative bungling like Mike Pence and Nikki Haley keep protesting that we don’t have to choose between rebuilding our country and being leaders of the free world. Ironically, they’re right; the problem isn’t that we lead, it’s how. President Trump showed that all too well when he ran U.S. foreign policy with a combination of threats, assassinations, and peace deals that ultimately resulted in zero new wars, and helped to rebuild U.S. influence on the world stage. All it took was abandoning the bleeding-heart utopian globalism of the uniparty, and for our class of Marvel Movie-brained leaders, that was too high a cost."

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