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Editor's Line: Not the N.Y. Times

by WorldTribune Editor's Line, April 14, 2022

The managing editor of and I once worked for a New York newspaper that regarded the N.Y. Times as its competition.

The daily front page meetings for those dailies and for this one differ from most other news operations which focus on market groups. No, the spirited, cerebral and on occasion emotional debates were on the news hierarchy [from top right down] regarding simply the top stories of the day without fear or favor, audience segments be damned.

The "old gray lady" now carries color photos and has abandoned its reputation then as the "newspaper of record".

And WorldTribune's focus is that of an alternative to the monolithic daily narrative replicated by Big Tech and the Corporate Media which try to insure that you and your friends never see us unless you make the effort to do so.

Below, free of charge, is today's front page of the Daily Pravda. Its international edition, International Herald Tribune, is dead. WorldTribune is on the move.

NYT 4-14-22

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