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Election investigator: Maricopa data deleted before machines were delivered to auditors

by WorldTribune Staff, August 2, 2022

Voting data from the 2020 election for Maricopa County in Arizona was deleted before the county's voting machines were delivered to state Senate auditors in compliance with a subpoena, an election investigator said.

During an election security forum hosted by investigative journalist Lara Logan on Saturday, Matt Van Bibber of We The People AZ Alliance revealed the evidence he said he compiled from public footage from the Maricopa County Elections Department.

Van Bibber noted that the Maricopa data was deleted despite the fact that federal law requires the files to be kept for 22 months.

Which raises an immediate question: Why have there been no consequences? Where is Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich?

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Maricopa County officials previously admitted during a congressional hearing that the files were “deleted,” but later walked it back and said that the files were “archived.”

Van Bibber said at Saturday's forum that Maricopa County election Database Administrator Brian Ramirez was granted unauthorized entry to the server room on multiple occasions, and he deleted the files.

Since he did not have the required credentials to access the server room, Ramirez used the identities of individuals who were authorized access, Van Bibber said.

Van Bibber played video of what he said was Ramirez accessing the server room after he was let in by Assistant Elections Director Kristi Passarelli, at the same time that the server logs were deleted.

Van Bibber: "So basically, you have Brian entering the server room, and remember I told you he does not have badge access. We The People actually collected server room logs from Maricopa. So I went through all this video footage and matched it with the logs. What you see is Brian has Passarelli’s card in the server room, and he also has Charles Cooley’s badge as well."

Logan: So, Brian is accessing the server room using the identities and cards of other people.

Maricopa County policies require two people in the server room whenever someone is using the keyboard video monitor, but Van Bibber said Ramirez was alone on in the room on multiple occasions.

Van Bibber: Here she (Passarelli) is letting Brian into the server room at that time, and here he is getting on the console. And then you guys know the rest of the history."

(View the entire election security forum on Rumble here.)

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