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‘Epidemic of Fraud’ awarded Best Documentary at Malibu Film Festival

'Epidemic of Fraud' Director John Davidson
by WorldTribune Staff, May 28, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

The documentary “Epidemic of Fraud”, which exposes the corruption behind the discrediting in 2020 of hydroxychloroquine as an effective and life-saving Covid treatment, was awarded Best Feature Documentary on Sunday at the Malibu Film Festival.

In putting together the film, director John Davidson investigated and detailed the machinations and outright fraud behind the hydroxychloroquine story in a series of interviews and documentation spanning four years.

“So many stories about the last four years need to be told. We trusted these people and these agencies to do the right thing during what we thought was a national emergency, and they let us down. I knew the news had gone downhill but had no idea how bad it had become.” Davidson, host of Broken Truth, said.

In the documentary, according to its website, Davidson “takes you into an audio/visual time machine back to 2020 to reveal the forbidden knowledge that our medical, academic and political officials are desperate to hide from you.”

For one week, "Epidemic of Fraud" can be viewed on XOLO.

The film with the most streams will win the Malibu Film Festival's audience award.

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