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Eyes on Arizona: 'If they don't have the ballots, they don't have the victory'

by WorldTribune Staff, June 11, 2021

The corporate media may be ignoring the Arizona audit, but Americans shouldn't because, at the end of the audit, if Joe Biden doesn't "have the ballots" he doesn't "have the victory," former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens said.

During a Friday interview on Steve Bannon's War Room, Greitens, who is running for Missouri's open U.S. Senate seat, spelled it out: "Here’s where it all breaks down. Really simple. If they don’t have the ballots in Arizona, they don’t have the victory.

"If they don’t have the ballots, they don’t have the victory. And what follows from that is that Arizona then needs to decertify their electors. That’s the direction that this is headed."

In an op-ed for Newsmax last month, Greitens noted that "we need to understand what went wrong and root out all fraud before the next election. That’s what’s happening right now in Arizona, but the media insists on ignoring it — you shouldn’t."

Greitens added this about the Arizona audit: "The secrecy and obstacles being placed in the way of these independent auditors should give pause to every American. If this is something to hide in Arizona, under 'Republican' leadership, why should we not believe there’s more to the 2020 story in states like Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania?"


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