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Facing reality: What do the owners of Fox News really think about the border?

Special to, January 3, 2023

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

How do we square these two things? Unfortunately, the only answer that makes any sense is also the most depressing to ponder.

We know Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch is not anti-illegal immigration. The man said as much way back in the summer of 2015:

“Mexican immigrants, as with all immigrants, have much lower crime rate than native born,” Murdoch wrote on his Twitter account. He cited El Paso as one of the safest cities, and added, “Trump wrong.”

Yes, Murdoch was attacking Donald Trump’s America First principles within a month of his official announcement that he was running for the White House.

A look at recent news reports on the state of chaos reigning in El Paso, Texas today due to the floodtide of illegals into the city only highlights the utter disdain Murdoch has for the American people. But, hey, you can click and read his New York Post luridly reporting on it right here.

Why is that?

We know former House Speaker Paul Ryan, the choir-boy face of Swamp RINO political corruption, sits on the Fox Corp. board of directors.

Ryan regularly expresses his deep-seated loathing of Trump. He tirelessly attempted to jam “immigration reform” legislation through Congress that would have provided amnesty for millions of illegals during his thoroughly phony tenure as a Republican House leader.

And yet... Fox News television viewers or those who regularly peruse its website can’t help but notice that the network consistently features sturdy coverage of the crisis caused by massive unchecked illegal immigration on shows throughout the day, everyday. What gives?

It is telling that Fox takes such a splashy "Democrats bad" approach to its reporting on the border security calamity. The coverage is presented in a very rah-rah way. Like leading cheers for a pep squad. This certainly is not being done out of any sincerity on the part of the Murdochs and Ryans at the top of the corporate ladder. Quite simply, the Third World demographic invasion that threatens the very existence of the United States is nothing more than product for the “conservative” candy store Fox News is running.

This is far more subversive than one would think at first glance. The word that best describes it is anesthetizing. By turning an existential crisis into just another football in the scrum to “own the libs,” real solutions needed to save this nation are suppressed. They are buried beneath bumper-sticker jargon that pleases the eyes and ears but offers no sustenance.

For Fox, it is about being “on brand” and nothing more. The network doles out the conservative red meat on issues it fully knows nothing is going to be done about in order to establish credibility with its viewers as it subtly sabotages what they believe in all the usual ways. Which means the illegal alien invasion in 2023 is the professional conservative equivalent of being “staunchly” pro-life in 1993 when abortion was nothing but a political belly dance for both parties to raise money over. Consider:
  For those who truly valued human life then and do so now, such manipulation can be utterly deflating. Two extremely interesting recently published articles shed light on what patriotic citizens must eventually face up to. The Republican Party and its aligned corporate wing do not care about the American people. At all. And that is not going to change. Paul Dragu is communications director of The John Birch Society.

On Dec. 26, he penned a piece that seems impossible for the honest-minded objective observer to refute. He started by quoting JBS founder Robert Welch from 1958. The effect is powerful, for it becomes immediately clear upon reading Welch's words that they could very well have been spoken last week:

“Modern man is simply being played for a sucker by an immoral gang of sophisticated criminals. These cunning megalomaniacs seek to make themselves the absolute rulers of the human race….

“Although they now occupy most of the positions of great prestige and influence in Washington, London, and Paris, as well as in the educational, financial, and publishing circles of the whole world, their power rests entirely on bluff, pretense, and deception.

“Their success and their purposes are contrary to the whole current of human history. They are sitting precariously on the gigantic powder keg of all honest human emotions. Despite their arrogant assurance on the contemporary scene, they are well aware that sooner or later, the whole flamework of their cruel power will be blown pieces by a mighty uprising of the incalculable forces of man’s moral principles, love for freedom, and common sense. How soon that day of delivery comes will depend on you.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better description of the past 2+ years of systematic tyranny in the health and political fields. Dragu convincingly points out that The John Birch Society has been steadfastly raising the alarm bell over the decades about the “cunning megalomaniacs” we now see running amok on the world stage. Most importantly, he also touches on a powerful – and essential – tool in the arsenal of this power-mad elite:

Even so-called conservatives got in on the act, including William F. Buckley and his National Review magazine. The neocons at National Review — the magazine included members with at one point had ties to communist organizations, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the CIA — peddled the narrative that America’s decline was the result of bumbling liberalism and gross stupidity as opposed to an intentional, orchestrated dismantling. Welch and JBS members, however, knew better.

Dragu is correctly calling out the dog-and-pony polarization show that William F. Buckley cemented into modern Republican politics – the notion that “those crazy liberal Democrats” are responsible for policies that in fact have always been directed by the firm but hidden hand of one-world moneyed elites.

For three-plus years now, Corporate Watch has been documenting how literally every poison arrow in the cultural war against the American people has been crafted by the forces of concentrated wealth found in billionaire-backed “philanthropies” and rootless multinational corporations.

We can clearly see a globalist elitist Malthusian Culture of Death being implemented in a weakened West today.

Canada is now offering to kill people who are worried about how they can afford to pay the rent.

A deadly experimental gene therapy was coercively pushed on unwilling citizens under pain of job loss, threat of lockdown and other brute-force means.

Our food has been poisoned by a slew of toxic adulterations and we are now being conditioned to accept being denied real nourishment altogether in the name of “saving the planet.”

In light of all this, to gaze back at the 1970s and ’80s and claim that “hairy-armed feminists” are responsible for the multi-platform state-sponsored agenda of death we have today is simply ludicrous. Pawns? Yes. Architects? Impossible.

The second important article comes from Dan Gelertner, writing for American Greatness on Dec. 19. His very apt title: “Trump Was a Mistake.” Gelertner gave a solid historical example to illustrate what should be – but isn't – a simple point for people of good will to grasp:

The machine will not tolerate anyone it cannot totally control: But the Republican Party hated [Teddy Roosevelt] even more by 1912, even if the voters adored him. So they renominated [William Howard] Taft against the popular consensus. In response, TR founded a third party, the infamous “Bull Moose” party. This split the Republican vote, though in the process, TR got more votes than Taft, the only time in history that one of the two main parties finished in third place. This handed the presidency to Woodrow Wilson, one of the most destructive men of the 20th century (and the first academic to be elected president). Wilson never would have stood a chance had the Republican nomination gone to TR — he was elected with a mere 41 percent of the vote, an historic low. But from the Republican perspective, it was better to lose the presidential race and have a Democrat in power with whom they could work — one who could play the game and be part of the machine — than it was to have someone who couldn’t be controlled. They never again made the mistake of nominating a man who wasn’t under their thumb. At least, not until 2016.

Gelertner’s follow-up on Dec. 28 asks a simple question: “What should we do when a majority of Republicans want [Donald] Trump, but the Republican Party says we can’t have him?” He writes:

[W]e’re heading for a 1912-repeat, in which the Republican Party ignores its own voters. The Republican machine has no intention of letting us choose Trump again: He is not a uniparty team player. They’d rather lose an election to the Democrats, their brothers in crime, than win with Trump.

The Republican leadership in Washington is already sending out this bare-knuckle message to its own voters: We get to decide who runs for office, not you.

You see it all over the Western world today, in nations such as Canada, France, England, and yes, the U.S. Deeply unpopular politicians sit in the highest offices supposed representative democracies have to offer. Something is happening that goes far beyond the liberal-conservative policy divide. An unwanted ruling establishment is flexing its power over the “will of the people.”

At some point citizens of this country who call themselves by a host of names – “conservative,” “patriot,” “America Firster,” etc. – are going to have to face up to this fact and realize that the red-blue game they have bought into for their entire lives is a colossal lie.

You cannot hope to save a country – to save a civilization – without first understanding who the enemy really is.

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