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Feds on parade? Masked Patriot Front protesters re-emerge, this time in New York City

The Patriot Front in New York City
Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, January 28, 2024

Patriot Front, the group legacy media insists are “white nationalists” and nothing more, paraded through the streets of lower Manhattan on Jan. 20 with a new timely message: “No Zionists in government.”

In May, the last time the Patriot Front made headlines, it was a parade in Washington, D.C. that just happened to be held at the same time that Joe Biden was sent out by his handlers to proclaim that white supremacy was one of the top problems in the country.

On Jan. 20, as usual, the group wore matching jackets and face coverings and sported brand spanking new flags.

They even marched in front of One World Trade Center.

As one response to a video of the outing on YouTube put it: “What a lovely taxpayer funded field trip for our federal agents!”

Another tell-tale sign, observers say, is that there were no Antifa counter-protesters. When is the last time a group of “white nationalists” paraded through city streets without being harassed or attacked by Antifa?

An X user called Champagne Joshi referred to the hate group as “Fed Front,” asking in a tweet, “How many times have you seen a group of masked men dressed exactly the same, handcuffed with not one mask pulled off to reveal their identity? This is aimed at gullible libtards who want to believe these are ‘white nationalists’ bc it affirms their worldview and it’s an election year.”

Leftists say the fed angle is just a conspiracy theory cooked up by the right and says the proof that Patriot Front is indeed a “white nationalist hate group” comes from the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League which label them as such.

And everyone knows that the SPLC and ADL would never mislead anyone.

Conservative radio host Jesse Kelly noted in a post on X: “The story isn’t that these are feds. Everyone knows that by now. The story is, as it often is, why? Why would the feds run an op like this? Ask yourself that question. You won’t like the answers.”

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