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Gen. Flynn on the state of the nation: Full interview with Tucker Carlson

by WorldTribune Staff, October 13, 2021

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, in an Oct. 7 interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, noted how “two separate governments” are operating in The Swamp, “one that actually gets elected and goes into office,” and “a government inside of Washington, D.C. that operates under no rules, no authority other than their own or whoever is in charge.”

In the full interview with Carlson (which can be viewed below), Flynn details how he and President Donald Trump "spent a lot of time talking about China." They were not so much worried about NATO and Russia as communist China, which "since the mid-90s" has "been sending hundreds of thousands of students to our colleges" each year.

They were not studying literature and the arts but the STEM subjects, he noted. After graduating, they did not stay and give back, but returned home bearing intellectual property and expertise gained in the U.S. to build China into a super state.

Flynn noted that China "is the big winner" after Joe Biden's "surrender" in Afghanistan and that he "can't imagine (Gen. Mark) Milley not resigning."

Given the current state of the U.S. military, Flynn also said he "worried Moms and Dads will no longer encourage their sons and daughters to join."

Flynn detailed what he later realized about the unelected U.S. government that framed him following the election of Donald Trump and the "incredible arrogance" of Obama Administration bureaucrats such as former FBI Director James Comey. He said his resulting legal ordeal from the bogus Trump-Russia hoax cost his family an estimated $4-8 million, forced him to sell his house, and is still costing him.

Asked by Carlson how he dealt with "rage," Flynn who has served in several combat zones with the U.S. military said it was not a problem. "There is no hate in my heart," he said.


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