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Hannity: Time for Americans to 'take their sports back'

Fans joined in singing the national anthem prior to Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Tampa on Wednesday.
by WorldTribune Staff, July 9, 2021

After playing footage of thousands of Tampa Bay Lightning fans singing the Star Spangled Banner in unison prior to Game 5 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday, Fox News host Sean Hannity said Americans should "take their sports back" from the woke leftist mob that has hijacked them.

"I want fans to take over every sport, loudly, proudly, unapologetically," Hannity said. "I want this to become the norm… baseball, basketball, football, UFC, every sport."

Tampa Bay defeated the Montreal Canadiens, 1-0, on Wednesday to win the Stanley Cup. It has been a huge year for Tampa's pro sports team with the Lightning's Stanley Cup win following the Super Bowl title won by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tampa Bay Rays making it to the World Series before being edged out by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

As athletes kneel and turn their backs on the flag and sports leagues surrender to the woke mob by canceling events in red states that have passed election integrity laws, Hannity said sports has the power to unite Americans and thus Americans should take them back from the Left.

"I've played sports my whole life," he explained. "You go and you have a group of people, all socioeconomic background, all races, all creeds, et cetera, everybody, united by a common passion, and that is a love of their home team. I think this is one way for fans to take their sports back and get rid of the politics that is poisoning what should be the most unifying moment with strangers of all backgrounds."
"That's America," Laura Ingraham said of the footage from Tampa before kicking off the Thursday broadcast of "The Ingraham Angle."

"Everyone hating on the flag and 'America's awful, rotten, racist,' that's just not where most people are. I don't care — I don't care what they're teaching in the schools. That's not what most people want to hear. That is awesome and I completely agree with you."

During the NHL playoffs last month, video of New York Islanders fans singing the national anthem went viral.

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