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Have a heart Dr. Fauci; Pull out your checkbook for the Girl Scouts

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 18, 2021

If Dr. Anthony Fauci is the father of Covid, should he not also take on the role of Cookie Monster?

The Girl Scouts have announced that, due mostly to the Covid pandemic, 15 million boxes of Girl Scout cookies have gone unsold this year.

Considering how money has figured prominently in the coverup of the virus origins, the suppression of information on treatments such as ivermectin, and the pushing to mandate vaccines, maybe the Scouts should send the bill for those unsold boxes of Thin Mints, Shortbreads, Do-si-dos, et al to Dr. Fauci.

At $6 per box, than would be about $90 million. Not much for a man with innumerable billionaires in his rolodex and an unmatched bedside manner.

The Girl Scouts normally sell around $800 million worth of cookies each year.

"This is unfortunate, but given this is a girl-driven program and the majority of cookies are sold in-person, it was to be expected," said Kelly Parisi, a Girl Scouts spokeswoman.

Local Girl Scout councils and troops depend on cookie sales to fund programming, travel and camps.

Around 12 million of the unsold boxes remain with two bakers — Kentucky-based Little Brownie Bakers and Indiana-based ABC Bakers. The remaining 3 million are in the hands of Girl Scout councils, which are looking to sell or donate them. The cookies have a 12-month shelf life.

Parisi said the Scouts are eager to get back to their cookie booths next year.

“Girl Scout cookie season isn’t just when you get to buy cookies,” she said. “It’s interacting with the girls. It’s Americana.”

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