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He mocked unjabbed Americans and tried to get them fired – Now he’s running for Senate

Rep. Ruben Gallego

Special to, January 2, 2024

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer @Schaeff55

They would like us to simply forget their complicity in the deaths of untold numbers of Americans. And how vile and mean they were about it all.

This is not so much about one election in one state as it is a question of what career consequences – if any – are to be faced by the most zealous public backers of the abjectly cruel and prolifically lethal coronavirus social coercion regime of two short years ago.

Are we all supposed to just accept as a mere matter of politics that a man now poised to be the 2024 Democrat nominee for the U.S. Senate in Arizona callously and irresponsibly used his position as a sitting congressman to vocally endorse the ugliest aspects of a tyrannical power scheme that bullied innocent Americans into being injected with an experimental gene therapy with profound negative health effects that was duplicitously labeled a vaccine?

Rep. Ruben Gallego is favored to be the Democrat nominee in Arizona for the Senate seat currently held by ex-Democrat and now Independent Kyrsten Sinema. Gallego’s expected Republican opponent, Kari Lake, has already highlighted his over-the-top role in aggressively pushing masking and vaccines during the height of the COVID hysteria.

She no doubt will continue to utilize it as an ongoing weapon throughout 2024.

Will it matter?

Lake will have no shortage of material to mine. United States Congressman Ruben Gallego was an absolute thug during the pandemic.

And if you believe that term to be too harsh, please read on.

Gallego would like Arizonans to believe today that he is a staunch opponent of Big Pharma profiteering. On Nov. 2, he posted on X:

He would not like Grand Canyon State residents to know that Pfizer donates to his campaign:

Gallego's lobbyist donors represent corporations with significant business before the federal government, including AT&T, Pfizer, Meta, and Wells Fargo.

This is the same Gallego who applauded as Joe Biden prepared to roll out his wildly overreaching workplace coronavirus vaccine mandates two-plus years ago. From an official release by Gallego’s congressional office in Sept. 2021:

Representative Ruben Gallego released the following statement in response to President Biden's COVID-19 Action Plan, which includes a vaccine mandate for federal employees and all businesses with 100 or more workers.

"This is leadership. President Biden is doing what needs to be done to beat COVID-19. No ifs, ands, or buts – there is no reason to not get the shot if you are eligible. For months, we've had a safe and effective vaccine available for free and in ample supply. The time to wait is over. Get the shot, get the booster when it becomes available, and together we will get through this pandemic."

Gallego not only wanted the unjabbed to lose their jobs, he sought to punish them financially as well. From an Oct. 20, 2021 office release:

Today, Rep. Ruben Gallego (AZ-07) introduced H.R. 5622, the Vaccine Accountability and Premium Protection Act, which protects vaccinated Americans from rising premiums by allowing insurance companies to target premium increases to eligible Americans who haven't gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

In Aug. 2021, Gallego, a former Marine who regularly leans on his military service as part of his political posturing, posted this insane tweet about masking children like cattle:

In 2020, he called for the imposition of mask mandates on all businesses in the state coupled with severe enforcement measures:

In May 2021, Gallego teamed up with a vaccine fanatic who told the 2020 Democrat convention that Donald Trump killed her father for a campaign to get Latinos jabbed:

Kristin Urquiza joined Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego at a vaccine information stand in a south Phoenix shopping center on Friday to underscore the need to bring more doses into heavily Latino areas that the congressman represents, like south and west Phoenix. Gallego said he is helping organize vaccination events in Latino neighborhoods, including one May 15 at a west Phoenix high school...

Urquiza wrote a searing obituary last summer after the death of her 65-year-old father, Mark Anthony Urquiza, blaming it on then-President Donald Trump and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and policies she said didn’t go far enough to protect people. She co-founded a group called Marked by COVID and described the loss of her father on the first night of last year’s Democratic National Convention.

Gallego emphasized the need to get shots into the arms of Latino kids.

He was even naming tacos after Pfizer:

Here's the not-so-fun side of Ruben Gallego. He directly mocked the relatives of military members who sought vaccine exemptions:

He ridiculed the sincerity of Navy SEALS seeking religious exemptions from the abortion-derived jabs::

"No vaccine, no honorable discharge," Gallego thundered:

This man was genuinely trying to hurt people. He was also crude and vulgar – keep in mind, Gallego was at the time and remains a sitting U.S. congressman:

Again, this is unhinged behavior:

The argument is over for Gallego when it comes to Catholics and (alleged) vaccines made via medical research that utilizes the harvested bodies of murdered babies. Yet he feels completely free to dismiss Church teachings when it suits him:

For Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Phoenix, Catholicism instilled in him a deep belief that he is to help the poor and disadvantaged members of society, which he said has played a role in sculpting his political career....

Gallego take[s] policy positions that contradict church teachings, most notably with regards to marriage and abortion.

“Those are two areas where … the Catholic Church are diametrically opposed to where I stand,” said Gallego, who is pro-choice on the question of abortion and who supports same-sex marriage.

This is how fundamentally insincere Gallego can be as he attempts to strong-arm Americans into doing something that their personal religious faith is telling them not to do.

It is clear that character is a major issue when it comes to Ruben Gallego. And that is the real point of this column. Americans need to ask what kind of people we have running for and being elected to high office today.

At a time when our leading politicians are widely seen as comically corrupt (though nobody’s laughing), is it unfair to relate the bizarre nature of Gallego’s relationship with his ex-wife, an ambitious Democrat officeholder herself?

Gallego reportedly left first wife Kate Gallego in 2016 just as she was about to give birth to their first child. Today, she is the mayor of Phoenix, and has endorsed him for the Senate. They appear together at public political events.

Is this normal behavior? Is it out of line to get so “personal” and ask such a question?

The concern is that Ruben Gallego is a snapshot of a larger phenomenon that has put the United States on the very precipice of national collapse. More and more it appears that one cannot be a regular person and rise in American politics today. You have to be a sociopath. It seems to be a job requirement.

You can actively seek to get your fellow Americans fired from their jobs for refusing an unproven (and now proven to be harmful) medical product, attempt to raise their health insurance costs and punish them financially in other ways, mock and hurl abuse at those who don’t want to go along with your toxic agenda, and not only are you not hounded out of office, you get major party backing to climb the ladder to a higher rung.

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