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Hollywood’s anti-conservative bias delayed ‘Reagan’ for 20 years

'Reagan', starring Dennis Quaid, opens in August.
by WorldTribune Staff, June 4, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

In Hollywood, you have to go into overtime to win one for the Gipper.

This August, after many years of duking it out with Tinseltown's liberal establishment, "Reagan", starring Dennis Quaid in the lead role, will be released nationally.

“This is the first real attempt at a major motion picture about Ronald Reagan,” Reagan biographer Craig Shirley said. “Reagan was the last astonishingly successful president. Just for the sake of Reagan himself and the sake of history, it’s important to remind people.”

The film shows the life of Reagan, focusing on his defeat of communism.

"The movie is a victory over the liberal bias in Hollywood," Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted. "It was produced by and stars conservatives who even today have to fight to work. In May, for example, Quaid said he was voting for former President Donald Trump, declaring, 'People might call him an a**hole but he’s my a**hole.' "

Howie Klausner, who wrote the screenplay, said the anti-conservative bias in Hollywood helped to stretch the making of Reagan to nearly 20 years.

“We tried so hard to make it within the system and say, ‘Hey, everybody, we can get along and do this.’ And finally, we threw in the towel and said we’ve got to do it independently, and we did. And it’s being marketed and released just like a big motion picture, and the response so far has been really good,” Klausner told Bedard.

Klausner added that while some may criticize the timing of the release before Election Day, the movie is meant solely to entertain and maybe educate.

“Everything has its own time,” Klausner said, adding, “The best thing that can happen is that this really succeeds.”

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