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'Honeymoon in Hungary': Joe and Jill Biden's odd ‘70s post-marital Iron Curtain trip

Joe and Jill Biden honeymooned behind the Iron Curtain.

Special to, December 16, 2021

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

Submitted simply for your consideration. What are we to make of this?

Joe and Jill Biden married in 1977 and at former California Rep. and Democrat firebrand Tom Lantos' insistence they “honeymooned” in then-communist Hungary:

Before the visit, Biden married his second wife, Jill. The wedding was organized by the later congress member, Hungarian Tom Lantos. Before the summer, Lantos Told Biden, “Now we are going on a honeymoon!” to which Biden replied, “What the hell are you talking about?”

Isn't that a bit strange?

He indeed went to Tihany, and on a trip to Esztergom but his visit was really about exploring the situation in Hungary. He did not randomly choose Hungary for honeymoon but to search for the antidote for communism.

We’ll see below what the “antidote for communism” was to be.

Business was conducted:

Biden described how his children bonded with the Lantos family over the years, and how he later employed Lantos' daughter Katrina and his grandson Tomicah in his Senate office. The vice president even joked that he took his honeymoon to Hungary with Dr. Jill Biden in 1977 at the suggestion of Lantos, who was Hungarian-born. "But just so we don't have an investigation by [Rep.] Darrell Issa [R-Calif.], it wasn't a honeymoon," Biden clarified. "It was official business."

Call it whatever you like, why was a sitting U.S. senator making such an odd journey at the behest of one man?

This was a rather unusual honeymoon for an American politician at the time, as it was on the other side of the Iron curtain, at that point far from being torn down. According to a report in Népszabadság at the time, the Bidens spent a couple of days in Budapest.

They were received by István Huszár, vice-president of the Council of Ministers, Rudolf Rónai, president of the Institute of Cultural Relations, János Nagy, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and István Török, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade.

Let’s think about it for a second. Gee, what famous person in big-money Democrat circles is associated with Hungary? Tom Lantos was an extremely close personal friend of George Soros:

In 2003, Soros donated to the congressional campaign of the late Tom Lantos, the only Holocaust survivor to serve at the time in the U.S. Congress. The two Hungarian-born Americans were, according to a former congressional staffer, close friends and shared a common drive for promoting democracy and human rights.

The “Holocaust survivor” calling card is worth noting. Jewish conservative political commentator Michael Savage had the harshest of words to describe the ultra-acerbic Lantos, who draped himself in the cloak of “human rights advocate” throughout his time in office. Savage said upon Lantos’s death in 2008:

“You’re not supposed to talk badly about the dead. I generally wouldn’t do it,” Savage, the right-wing host said Monday – the day that Lantos, the California Democrat who was the only Holocaust survivor elected to Congress, died. “But in the case of Tom Lantos, I’ll make an exception. “I think he was one of the most – he was a scoundrel. And I’ll tell you why I detested Tom Lantos. The man survived the Holocaust of World War II and used it as a weapon the rest of his life, that’s why. Do you understand what I just said to you? You can’t have it both ways. You can’t suffer such a horror and then use it as a weapon without people noticing it.”

Lantos got his start in Washington politics by joining Biden's staff in 1978. But don't call him an aide or employee:

Vice President Joe Biden delivered a moving tribute to Lantos, whom Biden said was one of his closest colleagues on Capitol Hill. Biden joked, "Tom didn't really work for me, even when he actually worked on my staff," Biden said. "It was more like I worked for Tom."

Sounds “humorous” but is it really? Joe Biden traveled into the Soviet bloc during the Cold War at the command of Tom Lantos and “jokingly” referred to him as the real boss in his Senate office shortly thereafter.

"In a city filled with hyperbole," Biden added, "I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that Tom is really a part of my family."

How close were Soros and Lantos? From an April 1994 news account of the progressive globalist billionaire testifying at a House Banking Committee hearing on his sketchy speculating practices:

The arrival of the Soros entourage in the cramped House Banking hearing room was immediately apparent. The Soros public relations people handed out an "executive summary" of Soros' prepared remarks, sheathed in a clear, crisp plastic folder, along with two Soros essays on the future of NATO and of Europe. Soros even had a congressman along to introduce him. Rep. Tom Lantos, a friend who, like Soros, was born in Budapest, Hungary, lavishly praised the investor's philanthropy. Contributions to Eastern European countries "run into hundreds of millions of dollars," said Lantos, a California Democrat. This glowing introduction set the tone for the committee's gentle questioning.

And here is Lantos introducing Soros in 1994 congressional testimony on the “open society” in post-USSR Eastern Europe:

Our first witness, Mr. George Soros, needs little introduction, but he will be introduced nonetheless. He is that rare combination of financier and philanthropist who is devoting his talents and his resources to advancing open societies in parts of the world that were formerly ruled by dictatorial regimes.

With a network of some 24 foundations in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, he has reshaped the character of the political, economic and cultural landscape. I will have to state for the record that his philanthropic contributions increased from approximately $3 million 10 years ago to $300 million last year. One only wishes that maior governments could function as creatively and as generously as nis organizations do.

See page 108 of the pdf. Soros testimony:

I have established a network of foundations whose aim is to help and promote the transition from a closed to an open society. Actually, I set up the foundation in 1979 and started the first local operation in my native Hungary in 1984, but my involvement increased as the collapse of the Soviet system accelerated. There are now foundations operating in 23 different countries, and my annual contributions have risen from $3 million in 1979 to $300 million in 1993....

The nation-destroyer warns against individual sovereign countries:

The breakdown of a closed society based on the universal dogma of communism has led to a widespread rejection of all universal ideas, and the countries which used to constitute the Soviet empire are trying to find an organizing principle in their own particular history. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. But the dominant theme which seems to be emerging is national or ethnic identity, rather than any universal concept such as democracy or human rights or the rule of law or open society.

Fascinating – he even uses the term “New World Order”:

The United States doesn't have the capacity, nor the interest, to dominate the world the way Britain did in the 19th century. Britain derived enough benefit from free trade to justify maintaining a fleet in being. The United States, however, is no longer the main beneficiary of free trade and it can't afford to be the policeman of the world. We must depend on collective action but we have no clear idea what the collective interest is....

First, we need a strong European Union, capable of taking foreign policy decisions. That is missing today, as the quagmire in Bosnia has so sadly demonstrated. Second, the European Union needs to become more open, especially toward the East, and not turn into a fortress protecting itself against the turmoil outside its walls.... Third, NATO — which is essentially an alliance between North America and Europe — ought to serve as a mainstay of the new world order.

Lantos praises Soros lavishly as he departs after giving his testimony:

Lantos: And on behalf of all of us in Congress, Mr. Soros, I want to thank you both for your presentation and for your truly epic contributions for building open societies in so many countries, both in Europe and elsewhere; and we hope to have you back at another occasion. We thank you very much for your presence. Mr. Soros. Thank you. In an appendix (page 168), Lantos declares of Soros: His Open Society Fund is doing superb work in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

The Soros-Lantos-Biden connection can be seen in action today. The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives contains a Lantos 1994 letter to Biden highly endorsing Donald Blinken's nomination to be Ambassador to Hungary. Yes, this is the same Donald Blinken who served for decades as an intimate associate of Soros and whose son, Antony, is currently the Secretary of State for the United States in the Biden administration.

In Dec. 2018 the Lantos Foundation bestowed its highest award upon Biden:

The Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice's 10th Anniversary Gala celebration was held at the Willard Hotel on Wednesday, December 5, 2018. In a room full of Members of Congress, human rights activists, dissidents, members of the media and supporters, the inaugural decennial Lantos Legacy Award was presented to Vice President Joe Biden. Again it was restated just how close Biden and Lantos were: Tom Lantos and Joe Biden were friends, colleagues and mentors for over three decades. Upon receiving the Lantos Legacy Award, Biden said: "We must be careful to avoid the temptation to rationalize... or excuse away, or turn a blind eye to any act that violates the humanity of any man, woman, or child in this earth. Remember Tom. Remember his example."

"There is simply no one else that my father would have wanted the first Tom Lantos Legacy Award to go to other than Joe Biden," said Dr. Katrina Lantos Swett, President of the Lantos Foundation, "Their shared passion and commitment to human rights and justice cemented a memorable friendship and partnership during Tom's lifetime, and continues to make Joe a towering figure on the international stage."

Tom Lantos died in 2008 at the age of 80. But his work lives on. There is a new generation of connected elitism. All doors are opened to the descendants of Tom Lantos.

Tomicah Tillemann is Lantos’s grandson. From his bio at New America, where he formerly served as Executive Director of the Digital Impact and Governance Initiative:

He worked in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Bank, MIT, and governments around the world to develop a new generation of open source technology platforms to power the public sector.... He joined the State Department in 2009 as Hillary Clinton's speechwriter and collaborated with her on over 200 speeches. Previously, he spent four years on the staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee working with Joe Biden, John Kerry and Barack Obama....

Tillemann’s other professional experience includes work with the White House, five U.S. Senate and Congressional campaigns, Reuters New Media, and the World Bank. He is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Council for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the United Nations World Food Program Innovation Advisory Council, the Lantos Foundation Board of Trustees, and the board of the Global Blockchain Business Council.

Make of this what you will. But intelligent Americans understand that this nation just didn’t accidentally stumble to the precipice of destruction. It was pushed there in a slow and methodical process that lasted decades.

A sitting United States senator made a mysterious trip to an Eastern Bloc country more than 40 years ago at the same time that the most notorious globalist meddler in the world today, who hailed from that same country, was just beginning to implement his corrosive plans for infiltrating and then bulldozing sovereign nations in order to craft a new collective “open society.” He did so at the behest of a close personal friend of that globalist meddler. And look where that senator is today... and how he got there.

Joe Schaeffer is the former Managing Editor of The Washington Times National Weekly Edition. His columns appear at and

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