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In blow to trans lobby, Britain's National Health Service to declare 'sex is biological'

by WorldTribune Staff, May 1, 2024

The transgender movement over the past two months has been hit with a double whammy by Great Britain's National Health Service (NHS).

Following the NHS's move last month to prohibit the prescription of life-altering puberty blockers to children, the NHS said on Tuesday that it will publicly declare: “We are defining sex as biological sex.”

The NHS's move appears to dismantle the woke trans movement's insistence that sex is a fluid concept.

“The confusion between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ in official policies like the NHS constitution is what has enabled women’s rights to be trampled over in the name of transgender identities,” said Maya Forstater, chief executive of the women's rights organization Sex Matters. Forstater added that many in the healthcare industry have been “confused and frightened” by transgender ideologues.

Forstater said the NHS's move is “simply a return to common sense and an overdue recognition that women’s wellbeing and safety matter.”

Previously, there was no recognition of sex as a biological fact when determining where patients were placed in British hospitals. That resulted in some female patients being forced to share a room with biological males who claim to be transgender women.

The new constitution will state that NHS patients will “not have to share sleeping accommodation with patients of the opposite biological sex”.

In response to objections raised by female patients over being seen by a transgender nurse or doctor, the NHS constitution will also allow patients to request to be cared for by a healthcare professional of the same sex.

Responding to the announced changes, Health Minister Victoria Atkins said: “By putting this in the NHS constitution we’re highlighting the importance of balancing the rights and needs of all patients to make a healthcare system that is faster, simpler and fairer for all.”

Last month, the NHS issued a ban on puberty blockers for children who identify as transgender.

NHS said it based the decision on there not being enough evidence on the procedure’s safety or clinical effectiveness. The UK government also endorsed the “landmark decision,” hailing it as being in the “best interests of children.” NHS England proposed a ban on the procedure last June and issued the definitive decision following a review from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

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