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In the club: Debate moderator Jake Tapper’s bias is globalist establishment, not ‘liberal’

It's no surprise that corrupt establishment gatekeeper Jake Tapper is good friends with establishment house dog Jimmy Kimmel.

Special to, May 23, 2024

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer @Schaeff55

One source of great comfort to an increasingly unpopular ruling progressive establishment is the knowledge that the fix is always in. One of the more egregious ways presidential elections are influenced is via the televised debate forum. Having the “moderator” on the house’s side helps control narratives. And defining the playing the field helps control outcomes.

The charade will be repeated again in 2024. For the globalist elites threatening the very survival of our nation, it’s hard to come up with a more reliable company man than CNN’s Jake Tapper. The ludicrously biased Tapper will co-host the first Trump-Biden debate of this electoral season on June 27 along with his CNN colleague Dana Bash.

It’s not Tapper’s partisanship per se that is at issue but what that partisanship entails and who and what he serves. To think of it merely as “liberal bias” misses the mark completely. Tapper is a carefully chosen gatekeeper for a deeply corrupt establishment. His entire career owes its existence to his official membership in that club.

This column has spent the past five years documenting the various powerful forces that make up this cartel aligned against the American people. Moneyed “philanthropists” and internationalist “think tanks” are crucial spokes in this tyrannical wheel.

Jake Tapper is closely and overwhelmingly tied to literally all the leading figures of that elitist spoke.

Let’s start with his membership card. Tapper is a listed member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations. Biden administration Secretary of State Antony Blinken is also a CFR member. Tapper frequently interviews and covers Blinken as part of his “journalism” duties at CNN.

Do the American people realize that when Tapper asks Blinken tough questions like why can’t the US send more billions of dollars to Ukraine, as he did in September 2023, this is literally two members of an internationalist organization promulgating one particular side on an issue they both want to advance?

Jake Tapper has gone well out of his way to defend infamous progressive globalist billionaire George Soros.

In May 2023, he sweepingly condemned criticism of Soros as anti-Semitic:

In May 2024, he was at it again, teaming up with CNN political “fact checker” Daniel Dale. Here’s a “fact” Tapper and Dale wanted viewers to know:

JAKE TAPPER: Let’s bring in CNN’s Daniel Dale, who fact-checks what we just heard from Donald Trump.... Daniel, then he turned to protests on college campuses, then he turned to inflation then back to the case. What’s — what caught your notice?

DANIEL DALE: There was a lot there. Some of it was subjective opinion. I won’t try to fact-check, but a few things to fact check....

He refers frequently to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the prosecutor behind this case, as a Soros-backed district attorney. Now, I’d say there’s some arguable basis for that, but I think it’s important to clarify the facts.

So, Mr. Soros, who’s a liberal billionaire philanthropist, also a frequent target of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, did not make any direct contributions to Mr. Bragg’s election campaign.

In 2019, Tapper disgracefully tarred popular America First cartoonist Ben Garrison with the same broad anti-Semitic brush. Even worse, he cited the thoroughly discredited Anti-Defamation League to justify his smear:
  Jake Tapper has also platformed Bill Gates through the years. In December 2020, he unquestioningly accepted Gates as a medical expert as the two spitballed oppressive social tyranny regimes against the American people during the height of the Coronavirus hysteria:
  CNN has posted the full interview on YouTube. The ridiculous headline: “Tapper asks Gates when he thinks we'll be back to 'normal.' Hear his response.” Tapper shrugs off any and all notions of media ethics by constantly appearing at notable progressive globalist establishment events. In 2015, his brazenness almost caught up to him when he drew heat for signing up to “host” an event for the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative:
  CNN said it was all a misunderstanding. This was too much even for the dominant media-aligned fake journalism ethics organization The Poynter Institute:

I brought to the apparent initial attention of CNN that the panel was further listed as a “GCI Conversation Hosted by CNN.” That suggested a distinct partnership between the network and the Clinton organization.

CNN indicated the reference is wrong. It said Tapper is an unpaid moderator at a gathering that will also include his interview of former President Bill Clinton for on-air use.

Tapper naturally still did the interview at the Clintonite gathering. It amounted to nothing more than allowing Bill Clinton to deny all suggestions of impropriety regarding his colossal pay-for-play venture.

Here is a particularly repulsive moment that highlights gatekeeper Jake Tapper at work:

Somewhat bizarrely, Tapper has made no secret of his devout personal admiration for the late Republican globalist senator John McCain. He even appeared at the internationalist McCain Institute’s annual Sedona Forum gathering to give a long and-winded address on the subject. Title: “The Hero Code”: In December 2023, he joined the McCain Institute once again to wax emotional about his high regard for McCain. “McCain Memories,” the Institute called it. Cheesy mood music accompanied its video clip. How chummy:

Unconcerned with his Clinton controversy, Tapper has moderated or spoken at events for numerous globalist progressive establishment think tanks and media outlets over the years, including:
  • The Atlantic Council (with stale neoconservative South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham)
  • The Aspen Institute (with leftist Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren)
  • The 2023 Texas Tribune Festival – a “news site” funded over the years by George Soros, Bill Gates and countless other globalist establishment bigwigs)
  • The 2023 Atlantic Festival – hosted by leftist establishment rag The Atlantic. Other speakers at this affair included Hillary Clinton, former Democrat House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi, several Biden administration officials, including Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Never Trumper stalwart Sarah Longwell, Google’s “chief health equity officer” Ivor Braden Horn and billionaire leftist “philanthropist” Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs.
How does he get away with it? What a silly question to ask. For an allegedly neutral journalist, Tapper sure finds it easy to cozy up with the political and cultural left. Here he is in 2023 at the Chicago Humanities Festival discussing how to write great fiction with, of all people, radical race-baiting Georgia progressive Stacey Abrams.

And ha-ha, get this... Tapper texts ABC late-night TV jackass Jimmy Kimmel all the time. Kimmel has richly deserved his reputation as an establishment house dog with his endless arsenal of preachy authoritarian progressive sermons thinly disguised as “comedy routines.” Is it any wonder he and Tapper are good friends?

Jimmy goes on Jake’s show.

Jake goes on Jimmy’s show.

Yes, Jake Tapper is an outrageously compromised partisan broker who will pretend to be a referee at the first presidential debate next month. It is important that his bias be recognized. But it is even more important to accurately describe that bias as the active duties of a committed agent of a globalist elitist tyranny that has acquired a strangulating grip on the American people.

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