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Into the 'abyss’: Americans urged to channel John Hancock

by WorldTribune Staff, July 9, 2021

What happened in November 2020 and the swift implementation of leftist policies by the Democrat/Big Media/Big Tech axis that followed has thrown America into the "abyss," radio and TV host Mark Levin notes in his latest book.

In "American Marxism", Levin says that his years of warnings are over and issues a “call for action” to fight back.

“If you love individualism and freedom, if you love opportunity, capitalism, if you love this nation, and you appreciate everything that's come before, the shoulders that we stand on, then it's time to step up, it’s here and it's now and they are devouring this society,” Levin said.

"What we're confronting is not a temporary fad. It's not part of a cycle. It is an iron fist or a wrecking ball that has already done enormous damage to this society and to this country," Levin said. "And it's going to take a tremendous amount of work. It's going to take tens of millions of us. And it's going to take individuals who never thought they could be heroes and patriots to say, you know what, 'My children and grandchildren are going to face a hellish impoverished future if I don’t stand up now.' "

Levin's 1776-style call for action was echoed by Ray Nothstine, opinion editor for the Carolina Journal.

"Nearly everything that’s happening in the political culture today should reorient us toward first principles and possess spirit and courage," Nothstine noted in a July 1 op-ed.

Courage like that of John Hancock.

As president of the Second Continental Congress, Hancock "used much of his wealth to help finance the American Revolution when it was in desperate need of supplies," Nothstine noted. "As an import-exporter, he may have been the richest man in the colonies. In fact, most of his money was made from the colony’s close relationship to the British Crown. Yet, from the outset, Hancock wanted to play no part in their tyranny."

Nothstine continued: "Whether it is the mob’s intent on canceling people for differing opinions, repackaged racism – and yes – I mean critical race theory – or economic plunder through endless tax and spending policies, we must have the courage to stand against it. After all, the entire theme and text of the Declaration of Independence is a reminder to put tyrants on notice."

As Americans, Nothstine added, "we should always strive to live up to the ideals of the Declaration of Independence. It offers us the framework for equality and freedom unlike anywhere else in the world. Also, its high ideals reinforce to us we aren’t merely free because we choose our own representatives. Instead, we are reminded the government is implemented to secure the rights of the citizenry and when it fails in that core mission, it is no longer a worthy and valid government."

Nothstine concluded: "Again and again, the human person and his or her destiny are placed above the government. And most of all, don’t ever be afraid to push back and channel a little John Hancock against the anti-American hysteria that has caused so many to lose their mind."

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