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Israeli agents operated at highest levels of Iran’s counterintelligence, Ahmadinejad charges

Then-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reviews Basij paramilitary volunteers in Teheran on Nov. 26, 2006.
FPI / June 9, 2021

The intelligence agency in Iran that is tasked with foiling Israeli espionage has long been infiltrated by Israeli agents, former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said.

In accusations seen as unprecedented by such a high-ranking Iranian leader, Ahmadinejad in a video interview published on June 11 and quoted by Iran International, said officials within Iran's intelligence agencies also sought to cover the tracks of the assassins of Iranian nuclear scientists, including the head of the Islamic republic's nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

Ahmadinejad alleged that "a massive Israeli operation used a corrupt gang of security personnel in the upper echelons of the national intelligence apparatus."

The head of this "gang," Ahmadinejad said, was the head of the Israel department in the Iranian intelligence service, although he did not reveal the individual's name or the years in which he served in that capacity.

Ahmadinejad attributed the success of Israel's intelligence operations in Iran to the high level of Israel’s influence and infiltration in the Iranian intelligence and security agencies.

He asserted that Israeli spies were involved in two explosions in the Iranian uranium enrichment facility in Natanz, and that Israel had been closely Fakhrizadeh's moves for a long time before killing him in November 2020.

"This corrupt gang should disclose its role in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists and the explosions at the enrichment site in Natanz. They stole important documents from Torquzabad and the Iranian Space Agency. These are no jokes. Extremely important documents have been stolen and the country's security has been compromised," Ahmadinejad claimed.

"They carried out a major operation in Torquzabad (near Teheran). They gave several vanloads of documents to Israel," he said.

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FPI, Free Press International
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