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Joe and the ice cream truck: Reuters fact checks a meme

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 2, 2022

Comedy, indeed, is dead in the world of woke leftist thought police.

A social media user took a video of Joe Biden wandering off while his wife, Dr. Jill, was speaking at an event and digitally added the distinctive jingle of an ice cream truck.

It's a meme. Obviously.

Reuters, it appears, is now fact-checking memes.

Biden, in fact, did not leave Dr. Jill at the podium while he chased down an ice cream truck. A team of Reuters fact-checkers diligently did a thorough forensic investigation of the video and concluded as much.

Reuters didn't happen to mention that the meme is making the rounds again on social media despite the speaking event taking place at a Washington, D.C. middle school nearly one year ago.

"The fact that ice cream truck music was superimposed over the clip for comedic effect is obvious and apparent to most anyone who views the meme, and plays off a popular trope where senile Biden values eating ice cream more than properly running the country," Adan Salazar of InfoWars noted. "Thus, Reuters’ fact check goes to show how the establishment is growing increasingly distressed by any and all criticism of the installed puppet president to the point that it must tamp down jokes and obvious memes."

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