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Joe Rogan: Vaccine that 'doesn't kill the virus' can lead to 'more potent virus'

by WorldTribune Staff, August 12, 2021

Joe Rogan has enraged advocates for mandated vaccines by citing a peer reviewed article from 2015 which stated that vaccines that do not prevent transmission of a virus can create conditions for a more potent virus.

“The very sort of environment that we’re creating by having so many people vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn’t kill off the virus, it actually can lead to a more potent virus. Try finding that story anywhere,” Rogan said on his Aug. 6 podcast.

The CDC on Thursday confirmed that fully vaccinated people who get a Covid-19 breakthrough infection can transmit the virus.

Rogan was referring to a peer-reviewed paper published in 2015 which was titled "Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens".

“Anti-disease vaccines that do not prevent transmission can create conditions that promote the emergence of pathogen strains that cause more severe disease in unvaccinated hosts,” Rogan noted, citing the article.

The article, authored by a team of nine physicians and scientists, states:
There is a theoretical expectation that some types of vaccines could prompt the evolution of more virulent (“hotter”) pathogens. This idea follows from the notion that natural selection removes pathogen strains that are so “hot” that they kill their hosts and, therefore, themselves. Vaccines that let the hosts survive but do not prevent the spread of the pathogen relax this selection, allowing the evolution of hotter pathogens to occur. This type of vaccine is often called a leaky vaccine. When vaccines prevent transmission, as is the case for nearly all vaccines used in humans, this type of evolution towards increased virulence is blocked. But when vaccines leak, allowing at least some pathogen transmission, they could create the ecological conditions that would allow hot strains to emerge and persist. This theory proved highly controversial when it was first proposed over a decade ago, but here we report experiments with Marek’s disease virus in poultry that show that modern commercial leaky vaccines can have precisely this effect: they allow the onward transmission of strains otherwise too lethal to persist. Thus, the use of leaky vaccines can facilitate the evolution of pathogen strains that put unvaccinated hosts at greater risk of severe disease.

Rogan further enraged supporters of vaccine passports by stating:

“As soon as you give politicians power, any kind of power that didn’t exist previously, historically, they don’t relinquish that power.

“When you give people freedom, you let people do whatever the f— they want to do, they actually find ways to succeed and grow and thrive. But as soon as you put the boots to them, as soon as you tell them, ‘You have to do this, or you can’t do that. You have to listen to me,’ now you have a mini dictator. You have one step away from a king. One step closer. You’re moving one step closer to dictatorship. That’s what the f— is happening.”

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