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Journalist who tried to cancel Djokovic for refusing vax dies suddenly at Australian Open

Mike Dickson
by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News January 22, 2024

British journalist Mike Dickson, the Daily Mail’s tennis correspondent, died suddenly while covering the Australian Open. He was 59.

No cause of death has been reported.

Dickson had relentlessly slammed world No. 1 player Novak Djokovic for refusing to take the Covid injection.

In one of his pieces, Dickson wrote, “Novak Djokovic could ruin his chances of becoming the GOAT by refusing to take the vaccine… it is a strange hill to die on for a player who is so desperate to be loved.”

Dickson referred to Djokovic as "deplorable" and seemed to have a singular fixation on his unvaccinated status. "He says he wants more information, but how much more does he need? More than 10 billion doses have been administered worldwide and there is now a wealth of evidence out there," Dickson wrote in 2022.

Some of Dickson's other shots at Djokovic included:

"Welcome to the Wacky World of Novak Djokovic: Anti-vaxxer tennis superstar is a tree-hugger who insists Bosnia's 'pyramids' give off mystic energy and that positive thoughts can PURIFY water".

"Novak Djokovic's WEASEL words cut no ice and he has damaged his reputation with his 'misinformation' around the Australian Open... after helping to create a player union, his leadership credentials have been BADLY damaged".

"Novak Djokovic will remain a hero to some, but to many others he has TRASHED his reputation beyond repair."

Despite being a constant target of Dickson, Djokovic shared a respectful message of condolence on X.

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