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Letter: Replace the media and win the Information World War

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  • 06/21/2021
Facebook headquarters, Menlo Park, California.
Analysis by WorldTribune, June 20, 2021

To Our Readers,

Since early 2020, an unprecedented and surreal war of ideas has upended lives and livelihoods worldwide. Misleading narratives and outright disinformation have bred confusion, panic and despair.

Most do not remember World War II. We now find ourselves in what may later be called an Information World War. Consider what has happened:

In late 2019, President Donald Trump was surging despite nonstop influence operations by the Left and its media.

Also in late 2019, China's Xi Jinping was losing face. He appeared powerless not only against Trump's strategies but in the face of millions of Hong Kong teenagers who risked their lives, even writing their wills, to daily defy the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in months-long mass street protests. Then the crowning blow. Despite concerted political and intelligence offensives by the CCP, Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen was re-elected in early 2020 after her Democrat Progressive Party defeated the pro-Beijing Kuomintang (KMT) in a landslide.

For the global Left, the situation was serious.

Then all hell broke loose: An outbreak of coronavirus from China, a desperation impeachment bid by the Democratic Party, a global lockdown enabled by a politicized U.S. medical establishment with multiple ties to the CCP, and then the all-out mail-in ballot campaign to unseat the increasingly popular President Trump.

With the facts in dispute on all fronts, a resolute social-corporate media establishment moved to enforce dominant narratives. And yes, like the U.S. medical and political establishments, our mega social media monopolies have multiple ties to the CCP. What has happened in one short year is a drastic re-engineering of virtual reality.

One year ago, tens of millions in America and worldwide could download competing news and views on the most geopolitically significant news of the day from both mainstream and alternative news sources using Google Search and Big Tech social media platforms. That was then.

Now, WorldTribune and other independent media have seemingly vanished from the perspective of those not in the know. Not only has Donald Trump been banished by Twitter and Facebook, but most serious independent journalism has as well. Tucker Carlson is a notable exception.

However, too many of our colleagues in the news profession (including alternative "conservative" media) have chosen not to challenge the dominant, if minority, political media culture on two critical news themes:

1) Treatments and vaccines and the origin of Covid-19


2) Reports challenging the Nov. 7, 2020 claim by the Associated Press (quickly endorsed by other major media) that President Donald Trump had been defeated in the 2020 election.

Our publishers and editors have for 22 years upheld the motto, "Window on the Real World."

Thus, late on Nov. 6, 2020, some 12 hours before AP called the presidential election for Joe Biden, WorldTribune published the following article:

Dominion Voting Systems tied to Clintons, widely used in battleground states.

In addition to pointing to evidence in early 2020 that the coronavirus originated in a laboratory with ties to the Peoples Liberation Army and bioweapons research, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, WorldTribune published innumerable articles challenging the dominant narrative on the pandemic including the following:

‘Literally criminal’: Suppressing data on ivermectin cost ‘half a million lives’, doctor charges.

Beginning in February of this year, Google has blocked search and advertising results at WorldTribune. [We recommend alternative search engines such as where searches related for real news banned by Google still come up and WorldTribune searches get results.]

Also since February 2021, Facebook has limited reach of WorldTribune articles to .5 of one percent of its followers.

Only readers who have bookmarked our site and go there regularly or receive emails about our news and commentary can see them.

It is also noteworthy that such efforts have been taken by stealth. WorldTribune publishers and readers have not been informed of Big Tech policies that in effect attempt to steal this newspaper's online audience and market share.

Fortunately, the unprecedented efforts by Google, Facebook and corporate media "fact-checkers" to suppress distribution, readership and advertising at have failed.

Although we are grateful to our loyal and supportive readership, let's be blunt: Free Speech and Freedom of the Press are under unprecedented assault as are all First Amendment freedoms.

Those freedoms which have for centuries been a beacon of hope for oppressed peoples worldwide are being snuffed out in front of our eyes and in full view of a transfixed global population.

Before last year, readers could take on biased media monopolies by rallying their followers on social media accounts. That is no longer possible.

The events of Nov. 3, 2020 and Jan. 6, 2021 exposed Silicon Valley's hyper-partisan policies and marked the end of these powerful platforms as a "town hall" of public discourse.

We are at war, and "We the People" must understand that that there is no politician, think tank or media organization that is going to win this devastating conflict on our behalf.
It is incumbent on each one of us to take up digital arms and fight for our freedoms and our children's and grandchildren's future.

We invite readers to work with our partners at the Free Press International News Service and Conservative Stack to REPLACE THE MEDIA with their own.

Yes, we are talking about informing and expanding those networks and circles of influence buttressed by real news, informed opinion and technology. Only in this way can we stop the creation of a false, global virtual reality that is right now robbing billions of hope, liberty and life itself.

Think about it, connect the dots, draw your own conclusions and then act. Thank you!

The Editors
FB HQ by CC BY 3.0 is licensed under Creative Commons

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