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London, Paris ‘no longer recognizable’; Trump takes break from trial and promises ‘MAGAnomics’ coming

by WorldTribune Staff, May 5, 2024

May 1 was a day dreaded by the Joe Biden team. Donald Trump got the day off from his New York trial.

Unshackled from the Biden lawfare being waged against him, the former president hit the campaign trail, stopping in the swing state of Wisconsin and vowing that Americans would see an economic boom if he is returned to the White House.

He also warned that profound demographic shifts by open border policies that are transforming Europe are coming to the United States.

His central message was on the economy: MAGAnomics will replace Bidenflation, he assured.

"Last week, we saw numbers showing clearly that the economy is crashing — with GDP growth plunging by more than 50 percent in the first quarter of this year," Trump told another massive crowd, this time at his rally in Waukesha.

"We now have BIDEN STAGFLATION — which spells the DEATH of the American Dream, and that doesn’t even include some of the horrible numbers we’re seeing flowing in from poor and crime-ridden countries all over the world."

"On top of it all, Biden has just declared that if he gets 4 more years, he will drench the Middle Class in a tidal wave of massive tax hikes — vowing repeatedly that he will ensure the Trump Tax Cuts expire," Trump added.

Under Biden, Trump pointed out, "a single individual earning $75,000 dollars a year will see an almost $2,000 dollar tax hike; and a family of four earning $165,000 dollars a year will see a nearly $3,000 dollar tax hike. 73 percent of Americans are now living Paycheck to Paycheck, the highest number ever recorded—yet Crooked Joe wants to raise your taxes, and raise business taxes which will lead to the destruction of your jobs that all came in during the Trump administration."

Trump continued: "I will NEVER let that happen. With me in the White House, we will protect the Trump Tax Cuts for working families, and we will make our Middle Class richer, stronger, and more prosperous than ever before.

"Joe Biden and his party stole trillions of dollars from hardworking Americans and gave it to their political cronies and their far-left friends. They spent $2 trillion dollars on their so-called American Rescue Plan, which Obama’s economic advisor called 'The Original Sin' that led to rampant inflation.

"They spent another trillion dollars on their misnamed Inflation Reduction Act, $1.2 trillion dollars for their fake infrastructure package, and they’re spending trillions of dollars on the Green New Scam, all wasted money. Joe Biden’s economic plan is to make China rich and America poor—My economic plan is to make American richer than ever before."

Trump got specific on the pain Americans are feeling in buying groceries, filling up their gas tanks, or attempting to purchase a home:

"Chicken is up 24 percent, baby food is up 30 percent, eggs are up 50 percent, gasoline is up 50 percent, airfares are up 33 percent, and the 30-year mortgage rate just hit 7.6 percent."

Trump says he will take aim at the "50 percent Biden inflation tax — the extra cost you’re paying at the grocery counter and the gas pump and all of the other costs that have gone up so much in the last 3 and a half years," adding that "Crooked Joe has run the government like Robinhood-in-Reverse—stealing from the poor, and giving it to the rich."

Examples of the inflation tax include Biden "spending hundreds of billions of dollars to give $7,500 dollar tax credits for rich people to buy luxury electric cars" that are too expensive for middle-class families to afford, "spending billions of dollars on hotel rooms for illegal aliens, while hardworking Americans struggle to pay their rent," and Biden’s newest attempt to give student loan forgiveness in a smaller way than his original plan that got struck down by the Supreme Court.

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