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Media entrepreneur is awarded the 2022 Press Freedom Prize

Larry Ward
by WorldTribune Staff, August 10, 2022

The Free Press Foundation announced that Larry Ward has been awarded the Press Freedom Prize, 2022 "in recognition of your innovation and direct support of competition in the marketplace of ideas and the American Free Press."

Ward is president of Political Media, Inc. (PMI) and has championed freedom of expression for all media platforms as well as marginalized groups seeking to make their views known to the public at large.

Ward's proprietary systems have gone a long way to "solve the primary headaches for media companies since forever," Free Press Foundation President Robert Morton said.

The Free Press Foundation notes of Ward: "From a New York communications and advertising background, Larry came to Washington in 2002, working under the tutelage of political consultant Dick Morris. Since then, Larry and PMI have been involved in hundreds of political contests on the local, state, national, and global levels all with the same unwavering commitment to God, liberty, and principled conservatism."

PMI noted that, since its official beginning in 2002, Ward has helped "set the standard for cutting edge technological and political tactics, centered on a thorough understanding of the industry and a commitment to the principles that make a candidate truly able to lead and govern effectively. PMI stands among the innovators of email marketing, social media campaigning, and effective online development, a commitment to innovation which continues to this day, with new and exciting measures in targeting, messaging, execution and design."

Ward "stepped out of his role as consultant and into one of advocate in 2009, when the country faced the threat of unconstitutional regulations of the Second Amendment. Larry launched the Gun Appreciation Day project, a successful rebuke of the anti-constitutional efforts. In 2013 as Political Director for Special Operations Speaks PAC, Larry spearheaded movements to form the Benghazi Select Committee and the Million Vet March to rebuke the “Barrycades” blocking the War Memorials during the Government Shutdown of 2013," PMI said.

In an interview with ABC News in January 2013, Ward said of Gun Appreciation Day: "We want to let people know that there is another side of the argument. We had a week when it was just one side — 'We have to have gun control' — 24/7. People need to understand there's another side, and there is logic to that side. This is not just an emotional, 'Don't take our guns.' "

In September 2019, Ward announced Guns & God Appreciation Day, calling on Second Amendment supporters to rally “at their state capitals,” attend guns shows, “shoot off a few rounds at your local gun range.”

“We want to double the turnout of the original Gun Appreciation Day,” Ward said at the time. “Half a million people came out to celebrate their gun rights in 2013.”

Ward noted that “The difference this time is we are asking everyone to be prayerful about returning our nation to God as the only solution to the hatred and mass murder plaguing our blessed country.”

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