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Mesa County report: Internet-connected voting system ‘uncertifiable’, 2020 certification ‘unlawful’

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters
by WorldTribune Staff, March 6, 2022

A forensic analysis of Mesa County, Colorado's use of the Dominion Voting Systems' Democracy Suite Election Management System in the 2020 presidential election found the system was "illegally certified" and "illegally configured" in a way that "vote totals can be easily changed," according to Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters.

"The public must know that its voting systems are fundamentally flawed, illegal, and inherently unreliable," Peters wrote in a March 1 letter to the Board of County Commissioners.

In a forensic analysis of the images of the Dominion system drive, cybersecurity experts found the system was found to contain 36 wireless devices and was configured to "allow any computer in the world" to connect to Mesa County's election system server.

The analysis also found uncertified software that had been illegally installed on the system's server, Peters noted.

"As the county officer elected to manage our elections in accordance with the law, I cannot hide behind the Secretary of State's certification of the Democracy Suite system and ignore the numerous and profound deficiencies revealed in this report," Peters wrote to the commissioners.

"The county must reassess its recently-renewed lease agreement and consider its legal options immediately. We cannot continue to use this equipment."

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