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Most popular baby boy name in Belgian capital — Mohamed

Native Belgians are now a minority in Brussels.
by WorldTribune Staff, January 13, 2022

Jean is a pretty popular name for a newborn boy in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Last year, according to data published by the Belgian statistical office Statbel, 6,089 new Jeans were registered in the city.

But it is not the most popular. That distinction goes to — Mohamed.

There were 13,595 new Mohameds in Brussels last year. In third place was a variation, Mohammed, with 4,835. Next was Ahmed at 4,166.

"In total, 43 percent of the newborn population of Brussels were given Islamic names, underscoring how the Belgian capital has been suitably 'enriched' by diversity," Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars Europe noted.

"Native Belgians are now a minority in Brussels, while across the whole country 48 percent of babies were born to a foreign mother or a mother of foreign origin in the last year," Watson added.

In Antwerp, Belgium's most populous city, 53.2 percent of residents are now of immigrant origin.

The massive influx of Islamic immigrants "has created notorious crime-ridden ghettos, including Molenbeek in Brussels, a community which helped Paris massacre terrorist Salah Abdeslam hide out in for 4 months before he was caught by police," Watson wrote. "The Belgian city of Anderlecht is also routinely hit with riots, particularly by migrant youths who didn’t let the COVID-19 lockdown stop them from staging massive unrest in April 2020."

But, Watson added, "remember, diversity is a strength! Just think of all the nice restaurants."

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