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Multicultural takeover of Ireland advances via its national soccer team

'By selecting Norwich City’s Andrew Omobamidele and Rotherham United winger Chiedozie Ogbene, Kenny has helped the Republic of Ireland soccer team take another step towards what feels like an inevitably more diverse future.'
by WorldTribune Staff, June 9, 2021

The use of big-time sports as a weapon to promote a globalist and socially leftist political agenda has been completely unmasked in America over the past few years.

Professional football, baseball, basketball and even hockey have been fully harnessed to the cause. No single fact is more telling than the elevation of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to the Board of Trustees at the Rockefeller Foundation last summer.

In Europe, soccer is the dominant sport. And, just as in the U.S., the sport has been hijacked by and repurposed to serve the effort to enact radical social and cultural change. Look no further than the new Irish sportsman.

In an astonishingly honest column the Irish Examiner’s Tommy Martin wrote on June 3:

“For so long the archetypal Irish international was pale and freckled-faced — how many of our future heroes will be young, gifted, and black?

This is all quite exhilarating for those of us who see only the positives in broadening the current gene pool, reshaping and enriching the Irish identity. You are put in mind of the recent appearance on The Tommy Tiernan Show by the singer-songwriter Tolü Makay and her friend, the poet FeliSpeaks, an electrifying piece of television that felt like witnessing a supernova of cultural alchemy.

“We were both born in Nigeria and moved here as children. We’re Nigerian born but Ireland formed a lot of our personality,” FeliSpeaks said. “You’re nearly too black to be Irish but you’re too Irish to be Nigerian.” “I feel like we are the first of our own,” Makay added. “We own this space and we should be allowed to own it.”

Martin is waxing ecstatic over the Irish national team tabbing two ethnically Nigerian “Irishmen” for its Euro 2020 (being played this year after a delay due to the coronavirus) squad:

By selecting Norwich City’s Andrew Omobamidele and Rotherham United winger Chiedozie Ogbene, Kenny has helped the Republic of Ireland soccer team take another step towards what feels like an inevitably more diverse future.

Omobamidele and Ogbene join Gavin Bazunu and Adam Idah as members of the senior squad with Nigerian heritage. Their stories are different — Bazunu, Idah, and Omobamidele were all born in Ireland of mixed Nigerian and Irish parentage; Ogbene was born in Lagos before moving to Cork as a child — but they are all part of a wave that seems certain to reshape the identity of the national team.

Though obviously overjoyed at this development, Martin is worried as well. Unfortunately, national soccer teams in Europe tend to serve as a popular outlet for nationalist sentiment:

As much as all this will enrich the Irish international team, it will also challenge us to tone down the rhetoric around what it means to play for Ireland. Many of these young players did not grow up listening to drunken uncles wrapping the green flag around them at family gatherings.

They will have complex, shifting feelings about their identities, drawn from their own experiences, positive and negative....

By showing them sympathetic, nuanced understanding, rather than demanding unquestioning fealty to the cause, we will benefit in the long run.

For a couple of decades now, Europeans throughout the continent have been relentlessly hammered if they voiced any concern whatsoever over the growing preponderance of black Swedes, Algerian Frenchmen, Turkish Germans and similar players on their national soccer teams. To even slightly question the development was painted as the height of racism.

Yet here is Martin openly mocking the notion of “pale and freckle-faced” Irish athletes while reveling in his unveiled contempt for older generations of “drunken uncles” waving the Irish flag.

As with American sports, the forces pushing multiculturalism on the West see no reason to hide their intentions anymore. In England, the national squad's players have been heavily criticized in some quarters for their ostentatious knee-taking before games to express solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. For the ruling establishment, however, this reflects the new reality of the higher meaning behind all the games. “It’s not just football – it’s a barometer of diversity. Bring on the Euros…” screams the headline in the UK newspaper The Guardian. Sport isn’t just sport. It is a vehicle for social transformation, the article declares:

These events... confirm the remarkable status of football as a public theatre of race issues, and England is not alone in this. Over the next month, the 24 squads at Euro 2020 will offer a snapshot of Europe’s diversity and demography, while the football press and public’s attitudes to the teams make the politics of nation and migration, race and ethnicity, more transparent than in many areas of public life.

The radical demographic transformation of Europe is being served up as entertainment for those whose lives will be most affected by it.

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