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New polling: Felony conviction not a factor; Hispanics breaking big for Trump

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News June 11, 2024

Two new polls show that Donald Trump's felony conviction will likely not be a factor in November's vote while Hispanics continue to break big for the former president.

In a YouGov and CBS poll of 2,000 individuals, 71 percent said Trump's conviction in the New York hush money case "is not a factor either way," in how they will vote.

The YouGov/CBS poll found that nearly 80 percent of voters said their support for Trump was “very strong” and that they had already decided how to vote. For Democrat Joe Biden, that number is 69 percent, with another six percent saying they “might” or “will probably” change their votes.

Asked about who has a vision for the country: 51 percent say Biden has one, with 49 percent disagreeing, while 67 percent say Trump has a vision, with just 33 percent in disagreement.

Eighty-four percent of voters in the poll said they believe their financial situation will remain the same or worse in a second Biden term.

On immigration, 79 percent of respondents believe Biden would increase the number of migrants while just 20 percent believe the numbers would be reduced. For Trump, exactly 70 percent believe he will decrease the numbers at the border, with 24 percent saying it won’t have an effect.

In a second poll, CNN reported how the Hispanic vote has shifted heavily toward Trump in 2024.

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