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'No right to have an opinion': Leftists destroy pro-life display at Saint Louis University

Students destroy a pro-life display at Saint Louis University.
by WorldTribune Staff, November 11, 2021

Students at Saint Louis University, a Catholic university in Missouri, were caught on video attempting to destroy an approved display to honor the lives of unborn babies killed by abortion, a report said.

"Students for Life (SFL) at Saint Louis University participated in the Cemetary of the Innocents project, in which they create a display to honor the lives of children who were murdered through abortion. Some campus leftists became enraged at the sight of it, and began violently ripping flags from the display and yelling at the videographer," according to the Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tipline.

When confronted, one of the students destroying the display said: “You’re a little b***** and that’s why you put all this up and because you have no right to have an opinion.”

Students for Life noted that the pro-life display was approved by the university.

Another student who was caught on video destroying the display berates a member of the SFL as a "loser" and goes on to proclaim: "You can see all my pictures, see how pretty I am, see how good of a life I have. I will enjoy my life and I will keep killing f---ing babies."

Young America’s Foundation noted: "This is not the first nor the last time conservatives will face backlash and vitriol from campus leftists. University campuses have become more hostile than ever to opinions that stray from the cult of leftism. The only way to combat this is to unabashedly express your beliefs and continue to fight for what’s right."

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