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Not satire: Team Biden calls on Kamala Harris to save America from Artificial Intelligence

Team Biden has named Kamala Harris its new AI czar.
Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, May 7, 2023

Kamala Harris during an event at her alama mater Howard University last month: “So, I think it’s very important, as you have heard from so many incredible leaders, for us at every moment in time — and certainly this one — to see the moment in time in which we exist and are present, and to be able to contextualize it, to understand where we exist in the history and in the moment as it relates not only to the past but the future.”

It's word processing on the fly like this that could potentially short circuit any Artificial Intelligence program, so why not put the person who delivered it in charge of saving America from Artificial Intelligence?

That’s exactly what Team Biden has done.

Your new “AI czar” is Kamala Harris. Apparently, her work as “border czar” has been completed.

“AI is one of the most powerful technologies of our time, but in order to seize the opportunities it presents, we must first mitigate its risks,” the White House said in a press release on Thursday announcing Harris’s new role.

The Harris team that is set to duke it out with AI will get a $140 million budget, the White House said.

Harris and senior administration officials on Thursday met with CEOs of Alphabet, Anthropic, Microsoft, and OpenAI, four American companies “at the forefront of AI innovation,” Team Biden explained.

The White House said in the press release that the Harris team met with the companies “[T]o underscore this responsibility and emphasize the importance of driving responsible, trustworthy, and ethical innovation with safeguards that mitigate risks and potential harms to individuals and our society. The meeting is part of a broader, ongoing effort to engage with advocates, companies, researchers, civil rights organizations, not-for-profit organizations, communities, international partners, and others on critical AI issues.”

Elon Musk has reportedly expressed concerns over AI becoming so advanced that it surpasses human intelligence and begins to think independently — no longer listening to humans, and even becoming a sentient, human-hating species.

Musk was among more than 1,000 AI experts to sign an open letter calling for a six-month halt to AI development while risks are considered.

The White House in naming Harris as “AI czar” was not trying to one-up the Babylon Bee. Some observers have noted that AI continues to get more and more advanced and Harris in her speeches continues to get more and more incomprehensible. So, the observers say, wouldn’t that make Harris the perfect foil for AI?

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