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O'Keefe returns: NY Times reporter on ‘tons of FBI agents' at Capitol on Jan. 6; Tucker Carlson cites clues in interview

James O'Keefe, right, with NY Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg.
by WorldTribune Staff, March 15, 2023

A New York Times reporter told investigative journalist James O'Keefe that he stood by his comments that the FBI had planted "tons" of agents at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

It was O'Keefe's first independent release since leaving Project Veritas which he founded.

In a video posted to social media on Saturday, O’Keefe confronted New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg over comments Rosenberg made to O'Keefe in March 2022 saying “there were a ton of FBI informants who attacked the Capitol. The Left’s overreaction in some places were so over the top.”

Asked by O'Keefe in the new video if he stood by those comments, Rosenberg said he did, but refused to go on the record to further discuss his comments.

Also on Saturday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, in an interview with Clayton Morris on the "Redacted" broadcast (see below), said of his show's revelations from sifting through thousands of hours of J6 video:

"What we couldn’t do, which is the main thing I wanted to do, is show that there were FBI agents in the crowd. And there were, the FBI’s admitted that. But it’s obvious to me they played a pivotal role."

Rosenberg had claimed in the Project Veritas interview last year that “they [media] were making too big of a deal [of January 6, 2021]” and claiming it was “an organized thing that it wasn’t.”

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Rosenberg also admitted that he and other members of the media thought the day was amusing and lighthearted.

O’Keefe appears to now be recruiting for his next media venture.

In the "Redacted" interview, Carlson spoke about his team being granted access to the J6 video files by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (28:00 mark).

“For the record, I have been highly, highly critical of Kevin McCarthy”, Carlson said. "Of the relevant footage, we’re not aware… I don’t think there is anyone who could have manipulated it… The two things I know is no one got in our way… We ran all of our clips by Capitol Police before putting on TV… only in one case they said we don’t want you to show the details of this door…

"I thought the whole thing was ridiculous, this security risk bullshit…

"Ray Epps, clearly was working for somebody. He’s not a pure civilian. He encouraged violence and then the Jan. 6 committee, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, Bennie Thompson, Adam Schiff, they all defended him, as their friend. He’s not an insurrectionist, he’s an ally. How do you explain that? It violates common sense…

"The Ray Epps thing isn’t organic, sorry…

"The core claims about January 6 were a lie. It’s not a violent insurrection, a deadly insurrection. It’s a violent political demonstration. One of many in the year that took place from January 2020 to January 2021…

"Clearly Nancy Pelosi wanted this to happen…

"Anything you’re not allowed to ask questions about is something you should ask more questions about."

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