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PLA report: China seeks ‘information dominance’ over U.S.

PLA information warfare will involve a combination of “hard” precision missile and other attacks with “soft” electronic strikes and cyberattacks.
FPI / November 4, 2021


In any future conflict with the United States, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) plans to launch electronic attacks, wage computer network warfare, conduct psychological warfare and employ military deception, according to an internal PLA report.

The PLA will carry out the attacks in an effort to influence, damage, interrupt and deprive the U.S. of its human and automated military decision-making, the report said.

[Similar Information War programs are also currently operational as evidenced by the events of 2020 and 2021.]

The 438-page report, “Lectures on Joint Campaign Information Operations,” was translated and published by the Air Force’s China Aerospace Studies Institute, security correspondent Bill Gertz reported for the Washington Times.

The report reveals the strategy of seeking “information dominance” over enemies as a major weapon that will be a key factor in determining victory or defeat in battle.

“The manifested forms of joint campaign information operations (IO) mainly are: electronic warfare, network warfare, intelligence warfare, psychological warfare, physical destruct warfare,” the report from 2009 states.

Information warfare will require protecting PLA systems from foreign electronic and network attacks.

Targets in conflict will be radar and communications nodes on land, sea, air, cyberspace and in space.

“Electronic attack mainly includes electronic jamming, counter-radiation weapon attack, and special information warfare weapon attack and it emphasizes more on the weakening and damaging of information collection and transmission links and the targets are mainly all types of electronic information systems such as early warning detection systems, command and control systems, and communications systems,” the report said.

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