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'Pride Month' or else: Nothing apolitical about the corporate assault on parents, children and traditional values

Major League Baseball has been an NGLCC partner for several years.

Special to, June 6, 2022

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

In honor of Pride Month and the corporate rainbow bombardment it always spawns, we’d like to remind you that the sexualization of children and the insanity of the transgender agenda is at the heart of the homosexual movement.

The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) is allied with countless big-brand corporate names. As usual, pro sports and Big Pharma are especially prominent partners. Far from being apolitical, the Chamber is an adamant supporter of the Biden administration and a staunch opponent of Donald Trump.

The group has also been in the vanguard of promoting the most outrageous planks of the Cultural Marxist social agenda in America today.

Jonathan D. Lovitz is one of the leading faces of the NGLCC. Lovitz "is a special advisor to the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), guiding media, public policy and strategic partnerships. He previously served as Senior Vice President of NGLCC as well as Director of NGLCCNY, the New York office & network of NGLCC," his bio at the organization reads. Lovitz celebrates homosexual propaganda aimed at pre-school kids:

Which makes it unsurprising that he also believes parents should be kept in the dark about the transgender agenda capturing their kids:

From the attached link to that tweet:

Students’ names are displayed on Google Classroom screens — an issue for transgender students, who don't want their parents to know they're using a name at school that's different from their birth name.

District policy allows students to keep their gender identity from their parents.

At Thursday's school board meeting, board member Mallory Fix Lopez said students have better mental health when their chosen identities are used.

“This is something that has been eating at me since it has come to our understanding of what is going on,” she said.

In 2015, Lovitz praised Target for getting rid of boys and girls sections in its stores:

Lovitz unsuccessfully ran for a Pennsylvania state House seat as a Democrat this year. In a 2018 interview with a Philadelphia homosexual news site posted on his official campaign site, Lovitz made it clear that the NGLCC is firmly opposed to religious freedom for Americans, seeing it as an obstacle to the homosexual cause:

Q: Do you work with issues like the cake-shop guy who refuses to make wedding cakes for LGBT people?

JL: Oh yes, we actively work from the top down pushing back against so-called religious-freedom bills. They’re not only morally wrong, they’re totally destructive for businesses. Just look at North Carolina and the bathroom bill. They lost tens of billions of dollars from corporations who pulled their companies out, small businesses who said, “We won’t work here,” LGBT talent who said, “We’re not going to go to the universities here or move here, and events that were cancelled.

In fact, NGLCC is very belligerent on the issue of religious rights getting in the way of the homosexual agenda:

The tweet links to an official NGLCC statement ripping the Trump administration on the issue. See what it considers unacceptable moral objections for Americans to have:

This dangerous line of thinking from... the Trump administration will ease the way for doctors, nurses, researchers, emergency medical staff and other medical professionals to opt out of providing services to women, LGBT Americans, and other vulnerable communities if they believe that those services will violate their moral or religious beliefs.

Members of the LGBT community, especially members of the transgender community, are already considered particularly vulnerable populations in receiving adequate health care, and this initiative will likely widen the disparity. Women seeking comprehensive reproductive health care, particularly those from immigrant communities, may also see their access to birth control, abortion services, and other critical healthcare services reduced or blocked entirely.

The group's 2018 response to the U.S. Supreme Court acknowledging that a Colorado baker should not be forced under penalty of law to bake a cake with a message that offends his religious beliefs is positively Orwellian in its language:

The Masterpiece Cakeshop proceedings have always been about more than just cake. As the arguments were presented, the Supreme Court weighed the rights of LGBT people to freely access American businesses against the beliefs held by some store owners that their religious convictions preclude their businesses from serving LGBT people. Unfortunately, the Justices did not come down on the side of progress with a decision that could ultimately jeopardize the right of LGBT people and other diverse communities to freely patronize businesses and access public opportunities in their community.

A 2016 NBC News article highlights NGLCC's role in advocating that transgenders in the workplace must be allowed to use bathroom of sex they want to identify as:

Ernst & Young Inclusiveness Director Chris Crespo... joined [Beck Bailey, a Deputy Director at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Workplace Equality Program] at the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s (NGLCC) International Business & Leadership Conference for a discussion about transgender inclusivity in the workplace. During the 75-minute session, they outlined best practices for companies and coworkers when it comes to fostering an inclusive environment for trans professionals. Among the recommendations were a company-wide anti-discrimination policy, an LGBTQ benefits liaison and gender-neutral facilities....

While gender-neutral restrooms were a significant topic of conversation at the trans-inclusivity panel -- as they are in the current news cycle -- Bailey emphasized their use shouldn’t be mandatory.

“We do not want to require transgender or gender-nonconforming people to use a particular restroom,” he said. The preferable approach, according to Bailey, would be to let employees -- both trans and cisgender -- use either a gender-neutral restroom or one that corresponds to their gender identity.

The group has devoted an entire campaign to the transgender agenda, backed by brand-name corporate partners such as Bank of America, Marriott and PNC Bank:

The mission of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Transgender & Gender Expansive (TGX) Initiative is to convene a group of diverse leaders that will improve and advise upon efforts to procure goods and services from transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and gender expansive business owners, with the ultimate goal of economic empowerment for some of the most vulnerable -- yet most innovative -- members of the LGBT community.

Wells Fargo specifically mentions "transgender youth" in touting its support for TGX and brags that it has made the "largest corporate commitment to date" to the campaign:

NGLCC pushed for and then celebrated transgender Rachel Levine's appointment by the Biden administration as Assistant Secretary of Health:

The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) is elated by the Senate Confirmation of Dr. Rachel Levine, Secretary of Health for the Commonwealth of PA, as Assistant Secretary of Health for the United States. She is now the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate. This historic nomination further cements the Biden-Harris Administration as the most diverse and most pro-LGBTQ in American history — which were among the many reasons for NGLCC’s endorsement of their campaign in 2020.

With all this in mind, consider that the list of NGLCC corporate partners is enormous. "Founding corporate partners" include American Airlines, American Express and IBM. "Corporate partners" include Aflac, Allstate, CVS, Delta Air Lines, Denny's, General Motors, Hallmark Cards, Hilton, Hyatt, Home Depot, Major League Baseball, the NBA, Nike, golf's PGA, Staples, State Farm, Target and Walgreens.

Big Pharma is well represented: Abbott Laboratories, Astra Zeneca, Bayer, Bristol Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly and Company, Genentech, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Novartis and Pfizer. The organization is connected to the forces of concentrated wealth in America today.

When globalist Dave McCormick stepped down from Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world, in his failed bid to secure the Republican Senate nomination for Pennsylvania, he was replaced as CEO by two figures. One of them, Mark Bertolini, is on the Board of Directors for NGLCC. An agenda item for the group’s 2022 Business & Leadership Conference shows Bertolini heading up a "mission-driven leadership" discussion that precedes a workshop on racism in the workplace:

2022 Conference Agenda:

12:30PM - 2:30PM | Luncheon Plenary:

Mission Driven Leadership with Co-Chief Executive Officer, Bridgewater Associates; Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Aetna Inc; Member of the Board of Directors of Verizon Communications Inc., CVS Health, and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company....

3:00PM - 4:30PM | Industry Cluster Programming & Breakout Sessions...

Intersectionality and the Privilege of Understanding & Intersectional Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace | Learn about Intersectionality by experiencing it in someone else shoes. This presentation will show and explain the layers of Identity. How one's identity shapes their reality. Lastly, how your identity can stop or start the progress of someone else. During this training, we will also discuss the significance of Racism, Privilege, and Inclusion in the workplace. We will discuss our own privileges, the lens through which we see the world, and how this affects those around us. Furthermore, we will talk about building systems that help to create a culture of equity and inclusivity for everyone. This training will focus on anti-racism knowledge and understanding how to build an inclusive community with avenues and tools for discussing sensitive topics. You will learn useful tools/processes, such as The CARE Method, to help initiative or continue work to advance conversations about inclusivity and privilege in your own life and within the workplace.

“Pride Month” is about platforming the cultural assault on America’s traditional norms, moral and religious heritage and the parental role in raising children. This attack is being brought to you by the biggest names in corporate America. As long as you keep giving them your money, it is not going to stop.

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