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Proud Fulton County resident is angry: ‘The play is always geopolitics … to divide this country’

Matt Kim
by WorldTribune Staff, August 18, 2023

Matt Kim is a proud resident of Georgia who notes that it is a place "where people still say yes ma'am and thank you sir," and "even the liberals go to church on Sunday."

But the indictment on Monday of former President Donald Trump for his contesting of the 2020 election results in the state drew the ire of the long-time Fulton County resident.

In a post to X on Tuesday, Kim said that "while I watched the DA of Fulton County smirk while she indicted former President Donald Trump along 18 others on RICO charges like they are part of the Sopranos ... I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty pissed."

Kim would go on to say he felt the "sole point of the indictment is to divide this country."

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