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Report: Capitol Police incited Jan. 6 crowd by firing flash bangs, tear gas

Video shows tear gas deployed against Jan. 6 protesters.
by WorldTribune Staff, August 2, 2021

New videos appear to confirm earlier reports that Capitol Police fired flash bangs and tear gas into groups of peaceful protesters at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

"The seemingly provocative actions by law enforcement, in those moments, appear to have set off the crowd, who in turn shouted expletives and grew more aggressive in reaction to the flash bangs, tear gas, and beatings," the National File's Andrew White noted in an Aug. 2 report.

"This, combined with what appears to be undercover federal actors, posing as Trump supporters, instigating and participating in violence, could possibly explain why the protest crowd became increasingly violent as the day went on."

American Greatness reporter Julie Kelly shared one of the videos on Twitter. It shows protesters being met with flash bangs and tear gas as they stood in front of the Capitol building.

“The crowd became enraged at cops assaulting protesters with explosive devices that contained rubber bullets and beating protesters with batons and their fists,” tweeted Kelly. “I interviewed Mike Curzio, a detainee released after he pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor, who also confirmed police attacked peaceful protesters — said he saw 2 men suffer heart attacks in front of him from the shock of the explosives.”

Blaze TV reporter Elijah Schaffer posted a video which shows "crowd control grenade munitions were thrown into the exact same spot while the protesters were settling down."

Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar told the National File that the kidnapping plot against Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer served as “proof in the pudding” that undercover federal actors likely infiltrated the pro-Trump crowd on Jan. 6 to sabotage the peaceful protest.

In the Whitmer case, it was revealed that the FBI had employed at least 12 undercover informants to infiltrate militia groups involved in the alleged plot, fueling concerns among observers that it may have been the result of entrapment by the federal government.

“We have seen that the FBI has a history of animating criminal conduct. That is precisely what happened in Michigan, and it may be what happened on January 6th as well,” Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz reportedly said following a congressional visit to the D.C. Detention Facility where Jan. 6 prisoners are being held.

Gosar, Gaetz, and Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Louie Gohmert ended up being locked out of the facility.

“Today, four members of Congress, and staff, were threatened with arrest as we tried to engage in public oversight. The prison officials were angry, rude, obnoxious, unprofessional, and abusive. They did nothing to dispel the allegations of abuse in the prison. They did everything to confirm it,” Gosar told National File.

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